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Jothi Selvaraj

With over 17 years of experience, Jothi Selvaraj is a solutions architect in Perficient’s life sciences practice. His expertise lies in the implementation and integration of clinical operations systems. Jothi is an expert in CTMS, EDC, clinical data warehouse, and clinical data analytics solutions. He enjoys helping companies build clinical infrastructure frameworks using the latest technologies. Jothi has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bharathiyar University in India. Before joining Perficient (via the acquisition of BioPharm Systems), he worked at IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Accenture. Jothi currently resides in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Blogs from this Author

A Swift Response to The Log4j Vulnerability

The internet is on fire with recent news of a new security vulnerability identified in Apache Log4j. Log4j is an open-source logging framework used by major Java-based enterprise applications and servers. The vulnerability is being considered as one of the most dangerous ones found in recent years. It potentially allows attackers to execute arbitrary code […]

Boost analytics adoption among your users

How to Run Siebel Open UI in Vanilla Mode

Often, Siebel system administrators or Siebel developers need to switch the Siebel application to the vanilla or out-of-the-box configuration, in order to test/debug a version of Siebel that has custom configurations. In earlier Siebel releases (prior to Open UI), developers had to switch the Siebel SRF (Siebel Repository File) to an out-of-the-box SRF and restart […]


Snort Rules and Siebel Custom Screen/Views

We encountered a strange issue in our customer’s Oracle CTMS application. Our team had configured a customer’s Oracle Siebel CTMS application based on their specific business requirements, including the need for new views for end-users. The application was working fine for years without any issues until the customer reported that certain views in the application […]

Oracle Siebel

Is Your Oracle Siebel CTMS Application Slow?

Is your Oracle Siebel CTMS Application slow? Siebel message broadcasting could be the reason! The Siebel message broadcasting feature is typically used by application system administrators to send important information to application end users about system downtime and system availability. In recent Open UI versions of Siebel, this notification appears at the top right corner […]

Approved Trip Reports Can Now Be Up-Versioned In Siebel CTMS

Site monitors and study managers, listen up: Oracle’s innovation pack 2016 (IP2016) for Siebel Clinical finally supports up-versioning of approved trip reports. No more handwriting the changes on the approved, printed version. No more squeezing clarifications into the site visit record comments field. No more creating a separate trip report with a similar name to […]

Oracle Siebel CTMS Now Supports Satellite Sites

The satellites are finally in orbit! In Oracle’s innovation pack 2016 (IP2016) for Siebel Clinical, they introduced a new feature that allows clinical sites to have satellite sites organized beneath them. Here are some highlights of the satellite site feature: Multiple satellite sites can be defined for an individual parent site Parent site data defaults […]

Transfer Subjects From Site To Site With Siebel CTMS IP2016

Study managers, rejoice! In Oracle’s innovation pack 2016 (IP2016) for Siebel Clinical, Oracle introduced a new feature that allows subjects who are enrolled at one site to be transferred to another – without losing any history. Here are some highlights of the subject transfer feature: Ability to transfer subjects from one site to another within […]

Gain Insight Into Siebel User Data With This Inherent Function

“Customer experience” is all the rage these days. And Oracle has got your back. In a recent major release (IP2015) of its Siebel platform, Oracle introduced a function called usage pattern tracking (UPT). It provides insight into user behavior, similar to web analytics. Here’s a summary of UPT’s features: Can be used to analyze system […]

Can We Integrate Clinical And Safety Systems In The Cloud?

  In our last “cloud fact or fiction” post, we discussed the ability to migrate clinical and pharmacovigilance data to the cloud. Let’s jump right in and talk about system integrations in the cloud. Claim #7: Clinical trial software in the cloud cannot be integrated with other systems.