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Adobe’s Marketo Engage marketing automation tool is powerful in creating a cohesive relationship between marketing and sales and driving sales through your pipeline. Even though you may have purchased Marketo Engage for email marketing, lead generation, or a variety of other reasons, you may be missing out on optimizing the platform to its full potential. We have created several solutions to help you quickly get Marketo Engage up and running efficiently for your teams.

Marketo Email Send Quickstart

Everything has changed. Customers are searching for new ways to get the products they need.  Brands need email and marketing automation to help buyers more than ever before.

Reach customers fast with our Marketo Engage Email Send Quickstart. This solution includes the essentials to set up your previously purchased Marketo Engage platform and start emailing buyers quickly.

Quickstart includes:

  • Discovery and basic Marketo Engage platform configuration
  • Beautifully designed, fully responsive email template that is easy to edit and send
  • Intelligent email send program template that tracks engagement and attribution
  • To make it even easier on you, we’ll set up your first email program and get your email send done with ease
  • Program testing and reporting


Marketo Re-Engage Email Quickstart

While you may need to engage customers through an email campaign, like above, you may also have dormant contacts in your database that need a breath of fresh air. These potential customers waiting in your database may even be ready to buy.  But, if it’s been a while since you talked with them, they aren’t thinking about your brand. We can help you change that.

Re-engage potential customers today with our Marketo Re-Engage Email Quickstart.  This solution includes:

  • Marketo engagement program with three emails to bring potential customers back
  • Consultation to review and determine engagement program content
  • Fully responsive Marketo email template that is easy to edit and send
  • Program testing, launch, and Marketo generated reporting


Our Marketo Engage Work ROI

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the work we did to nurture Rocky Mountaineer’s customers with Marketo. Rocky Mountaineer estimated the nurture program delivered a 300% boost in abandoned cart bookings with just three emails, making the investment well worth it. The program provided 128% year-over-year revenue growth. Ratios were well above industry benchmarks, but most importantly, abandoned trips were being converted and booked.

Marketing Automation IQ

Now, if you have had your Marketo Engage platform but want to optimize or re-configure the platform, this assessment is a great place to start. Often, we may get complacent with the platforms we have and not be utilizing them to their full potential to really get the ROI you desire. With this engagement, our team of award-winning Marketo certified experts can provide tactical and strategic recommendations for optimizing and scaling with marketing automation.

The Marketing Automation IQ for Marketo Engage includes:

  • An overview of your current Marketo Engage system configuration and infrastructure
  • Gap analysis in your instance setup
  • Identification of opportunities for optimization
  • Review and analysis of potential obstacles blocking accurate reporting

Get Engaged

After each of these engagements, our team of experts can continue to assist you through your marketing automation journey to ensure your brand is always staying top of mind for customers. During a time when communication is vital to brand success, marketing automation can be the key to retaining a loyal customer base.

And, for a full list of our Marketo Engage solutions and more across our company, visit our website.

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Wendy Renner

Wendy Renner is an Adobe Marketo Practice Director for Perficient. Her passion is to strategically align the client’s goals with consulting solutions that deliver results and create customer success.

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