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Embed Intelligence in Microsoft Office 365

Provide zero-click, real-time analytics in the productivity tools, websites, devices, and screens you already use?

Innovate: Zero-Click Insights

We live in the Age of Experience! Users expect contextual insights delivered in real-time. They don’t want to interrupt their regular workflow to navigate multiple applications, and interfaces to access business intelligence reports to find answers – they want the answers to find them based upon the data they are viewing, and the application they are using at that moment.

Utilizing Office 365 with MicroStrategy HyperIntelligence provides zero-click, real-time answers to questions you didn’t know to ask before you knew to ask them, and it does just that with Microsoft Office 365’s intuitive interface that you already know.

Making Your Office 365 Environment More Intelligent

As a MicroStrategy 2018 Partner Award Winner for Best Project and a Microsoft Gold-Certified National Service Provider (NSP), we are uniquely qualified to help you integrate these versatile platforms. This will enable you to revolutionize the Office 365 user experience, while providing access to contextual insights, with zero clicks. A win-win!

Drive Productivity

  • Surface contextual and relevant insights from 200+ business applications and data systems
  • Works seamlessly with PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint with additional set-up
  • Injects intelligence directly into Office 365 products with zero-click cards so users won’t need to access multiple systems
  • Delivers critical information and offers a 360-degree view of your business, providing answers without needing to ask questions
  • Streamlines workflows for every employee in tools they are familiar with, all with minimal set-up

Learn more about all of our Microsoft offerings by visiting this link.

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