Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is a Marketing Coordinator with Perficient Inc. Michael brings a diverse background in news, theme parks, and even student loans! A self-described tech geek at heart, he has a strong passion for both writing and design.

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Rapid Assistance with Microsoft 365 Amid COVID-19 Demands

Businesses around the world are continuing to grapple with the large impact of COVID-19 and our “new normal”. Maintaining a normal pace with both concerns and questions surrounding COVID-19 many have found the need to pivot altogether. REASONS TO UTILIZE MICROSOFT 365: Alleviate the strain on your staff and systems, by taking control of the […]

On-Demand Recordings From Perficient’s Virtual Teams Summit Now Available

COVID-19 has forced many organizations into a remote work scenario for which they may not have been prepared. Unfortunately, fundamentals and best practices are often forgotten during rushed predicaments such as these. With our new normal in mind, earlier this week, our experts hosted a virtual Microsoft Teams Summit event, to showcase innovative ways companies […]

Embed Intelligence in Microsoft Office 365

Provide zero-click, real-time analytics in the productivity tools, websites, devices, and screens you already use? Innovate: Zero-Click Insights We live in the Age of Experience! Users expect contextual insights delivered in real-time. They don’t want to interrupt their regular workflow to navigate multiple applications, and interfaces to access business intelligence reports to find answers – […]

Computerized DNA string

Join Us for a Webinar About Microsoft’s Project Cortex and the Future of Knowledge Management

Microsoft has turned traditional enterprise content management on its head with its announcement of Project Cortex. Project Cortex uses advanced artificial intelligence to harness collective knowledge from across the enterprise and automatically organize it into shared topics like projects, products, processes, and customers. Using AI, Cortex creates a knowledge network based on relationships among topics, […]

Remote Work During COVID-19 With Microsoft 365 – Here’s What You Need To Know

Considering the highly fluid COVID-19 (more commonly known as the Coronavirus) situation, businesses around the world are continuing to grapple with the impact it will have. What many are now learning is that digital has the power to help organizations not only respond quickly, but mitigate risk associated with disruption of normal business operations. No […]