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Whitepaper: Multisite Personalization Strategy | Cross-community Collaboration

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The Sitecore community is truly one of those collaborative spaces that are found few and far between. Happily, here developers, ambassadors, and marketers alike continue to come together to help deliver a spectrum of enterprise-level digital experience products, while enhancing and improving the platforms or the processes on which they are built. This process example is one of which I am proud to have recently been a participant. Working with Sitecore SBOS, marketing, services and Sitecore MVP’s from across the globe, we have assembled an informative new 50-page guide on Multisite Personalization Strategy:

Planning and implementing a multisite personalization strategy

Creating the guide was an inspiring collaboration of experiences that showed what a community can do to unite and share real world knowledge. Now that the guide has been crafted and wrapped up by Sitecore (kudos), I am very excited by the quality and weight those experiences bring to bear.

Goal of the Guide

The goal was to help businesses and their marketing teams within, properly understand what it takes to consolidate multiple websites under one platform to gain the power of omni-channel insights. While gaining this “Data-Driven Certainty” companies will also provide a cohesive experience for their customers through consistency and a better user experience. This multisite process is an ROI builder as well because, as sites are added, a fair number of prerequisite tasks that are required to deliver personalization are repeatable and reusable. The offset is that the process will still take a little organization, time and effort.

What To Expect

In this guide you will find a well-defined walk-through of critical considerations for multisite personalization strategy.

Sitecore Multisite Personalization Whitepaper CoverKnow the basic building blocks:

  • Proper planning
  • Company-wide buy-in
  • Starting simple
  • Iterating upon success
  • It is a journey – plan to invest, learn and grow

Learn different strategic approaches for different types of multisite:

  • Multiregion
  • Multichannel
  • Multibrand
  • Multisegment

Lean on quick wins with proper use of the building blocks that are your marketing definitions:

  • Marketing taxonomy
  • Goals
  • Campaigns
  • Segments
  • Profiles and patterns

Round out your education with best-practice tips around:

  • Properly organizing your marketing control panel for multisite
  • Mapping engagement value and when to look globally vs. locally
  • Creating a multisite profile strategy
  • Technical and privacy considerations
  • Governance

Even if you are not looking at multisite, this guide will walk you through some important lessons that have been gained by combined years of experience from both inside the walls of Sitecore, and out in the field by the broader community of Sitecore MVP’s.

Of course if you are looking for some video training, please follow my YouTube channel and reach out to me with any comments or questions on Twitter.

Be sure to check out more information on our Sitecore practice, 15 MVPs, and client successes. Contact us if you want to learn more about what Perficient can provide. 

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Rick Bauer, Senior Solutions Architect

As a 5-time Sitecore Strategy MVP and Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, Rick provides insight, training, and a passion for a fully-realized potential of the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform and Content Hub. He utilizes his years of hands-on Sitecore know-how and certification to help deliver clear solutions and actionable results for marketers - both new to the platforms, or looking to take them to the next level of maturity.

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