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Reader’s Choice: Top 5 Oracle Blog Posts of 2019

Subject matter experts in Perficient’s Oracle practice published more than 100 blog posts in 2019!  Many thanks to the team for taking the time to share your thoughts as well as tips and tricks with our readers.

Below are the top five Oracle blog posts authored by the Oracle practice in 2019, ranked in order of popularity, with the first being the most viewed post.

    1. Smart View Health Check Simplifying Registry Settings
    2. Welcome to the Period of Augmented Analytics
    3. Loading Data into Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse using OAC
    4. IFRS 16: Struggling to Find a Lease Management Tool? – Part 1
    5. The Four Custom Dimensions of FCCS

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Susan Welton

Susan Welton is a Senior Marketing Manager at Perficient.

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