Getting Started with Robotic Process Automation in Life Sciences
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Getting Started with Robotic Process Automation in Life Sciences

Previously, I examined how robotic process automation (RPA) can improve document compliance. The final installment of this series explains how to get started with RPA.

The opportunities to use robotic process automation are almost limitless. The examples presented in this guide are just a few areas in which RPA can be used in life sciences to increase investigator participation, satisfaction, and retention.

With so many RPA vendors and products, both cross-industry and industry-specific, it is difficult for many firms to know where to start. Some of these vendors and their products will rise to market leadership, while others will likely be absorbed into other providers or cease to exist. Selecting the right RPA solution is, therefore, of paramount importance.

With dedicated practices in RPA and life sciences, Perficient is well-positioned to guide you through the phases of your RPA journey:

To learn more about specific clinical trial challenges concerning the pharma-investigator relationship and potential solutions using robotic process automation, you can download the guide here, or fill out the form below.

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