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Moving forward with O365 and Facilitating a Change


Previously, I highlighted three steps a company must take to unlock the business value of Microsoft Office 365 (O365). In the final blog of this series, I explain how to get started with O365 and implement true change.

Organizations must continue to transform to keep up with, or exceed, customer, business, and employee expectations. As digital transformation persists, there are increasing demands for digital dexterity in the workforce. According to Gartner, “Digital dexterity will be a significant driver of competitive advantage (or disadvantage, in the case of digital deficiency) for the foreseeable future. So, helping employees productively use new cloud office workloads can be a key element of a digital dexterity plan.”

O365 provides the tools and services to achieve superior digital dexterity. However, it does not happen through mere exposure to O365 tools. It is necessary to carefully consider the six steps outlined in this series. These steps help can drive the adoption of O365 and achieve its inherent business value.

Getting It Right

When change management is done well it is a beautiful thing. People are engaged with the right messages, in the right ways, at the right time. They understand why the change is being implemented. They buy into what the new system or process means to them. Because they buy-in, they seek – yes proactively seek – more information and are simply excited for the results that will come in the new environment. They attend training and absorb the content. At go-live, they are engaged, which minimizes disruption and enables the project to realize operational benefits quickly.

Change management increases the probability of staying on schedule and budget, resulting in higher benefit retention and ROI.

Why Perficient

Our team of organizational change management professionals applies broad-based business experience and expertise to mitigate the people-related risks of change programs. We help you manage the transition process to ensure your team is ready, willing, and able to perform effectively in the new environment.

To learn more, download this guide here to explore the six steps required to begin unlocking the true value of O365, or you can submit the form below.


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