Robotic Process Automation Improves Poor Document Compliance
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Robotic Process Automation Improves Poor Document Compliance

Previously, I explained how robotic process automation can assist updating outdated contact details. This blog examines how robotic process automation (RPA) can improve document compliance.

Keeping sites in compliance with their required documentation is an ongoing battle for every sponsor and CRO. Considering the volume of documentation involved in a clinical trial, it is no wonder why sites struggle to stay on top of it, or why sponsors and CROs get frustrated when auditors issue findings against them because their sites are out of compliance.

This frustration can be lessened by:

  • Providing sites with greater visibility into their document compliance status
  • Automating notifications related to upcoming and past-due document deadlines
  • Enabling easier document reviews, approvals, and sharing back and forth

Here is an effective solution for this issue:

The site coordinator receives a notification that her CV on file will expire in 30 days. She doesn’t have time at the moment to address the issue and then forgets.

Two weeks later, she receives another notification about her CV. Since the issue is more time-sensitive, you also receive a notification.

Following the second notification, she makes the time to update her CV and uses the link in the notification to log in. She finds her current CV on file, uploads the new version, and submits. You receive a notification about her activities. She’s able to follow the status of her newly uploaded CV over time, so she knows that you’re taking action on her submission.

The next time she logs in, she can see that all of the site’s documents are in good standing, including her CV.

This approach empowers sites to manage their own document compliance status, makes it easy and convenient to do so, and reassures them that sponsors/CROs are supporting their efforts. You would be amazed how much something so simple can improve relationships with site coordinators.

To learn more about specific clinical trial challenges concerning the pharma-investigator relationship and potential solutions using robotic process automation, you can download the guide here, or fill out the form below.

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