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Preparing for Cloud Migration in Healthcare

Previously, I examined the system integrations around cloud in healthcare. In the final installment of this blog series, I highlight how to prepare for a cloud migration.

Healthcare organizations migrating applications to the cloud must be prepared for major changes to existing technology support models. A component of the cost savings associated with a cloud deployment is related to a reduction in a company’s need for IT support personnel. The care and maintenance of the cloud infrastructure – and, depending on how it is implemented, much of the application support itself – is provided by cloud resources. Not only will the size of the technology support group be reduced, but different skills will be required to direct the cloud resources and fully leverage the cloud’s capabilities.

Moving to the cloud requires changes that can be disruptive and difficult across the organization. It is crucial to begin any major change with full alignment at the executive level, first and foremost. It is also essential for the rest of the organization to understand why the change is necessary, and the benefits – for the company, for the customer, and for the individual employee. Gaining employee buy-in will help make the transition both smoother in the short term and more successful in the long run, allowing the organization to reap the desired benefits as quickly as possible. To increase the effectiveness of a move to the cloud, consider creating and deploying a change management strategy that consists of defining, communicating, enabling, and sustaining the change.

Given the disruptive paradigm shift in migrating core systems from on premises to the cloud, it is prudent to have a trusted partner and advisor involved from the inception.

Learn why cloud is prevailing in healthcare, along with key considerations and preparations to take when looking at cloud migration. You can download our guide here, or fill out the form below.

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