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AI – More Than a Buzzword

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than what we see in science fiction movies. From machine learning to predictive analytics, AI has forged the way for smarter, data-driven decision making.
Understanding how AI fits into your digital marketing strategy is crucial if you want to stay relevant in today’s market and in years to come.

Driving Customers Towards Your Brand

The customer journey is what ultimately influences when and how AI should be used. By properly using your brand’s data, AI can deliver dynamic, personalized recommendations through the right channels to drive traffic. This will result in customers experiencing richer and more meaningful content that has been automatically tagged and sorted to bring products to market faster and with more customer consideration.

Helping Your Brand Respond to the Customer

If you utilize AI properly, it can function as your virtual agent. Supported by a well-developed selling strategy, it will take the customer journey to another level wherever and whenever your audience is. The entire process can be instrumented to understand audience sentiment, spot friction points, and enable the organization to prioritize its resources.

Embracing AI

It’s safe to say that we’ve only seen a glimpse of the noteworthy role that AI will play in marketing. While human support and strategy are still essential to create meaningful results, AI can complement these efforts to deliver more efficient and innovative results.
Check out our recent guide, Nine Trende Shaping Digital Marketing in 2019, to learn more about how to put AI to work for your brand!

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