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Jessica Karasek

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Transparency: Going Beyond Privacy Regulations

Consumers are all too willing to share their information for a dollar off at the supermarket. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t worry about how data could affect their privacy. And this concern is well-founded due to the amount of data being created and shared in today’s digital world. It’s true, companies must be mindful […]

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#AdobeChat Recap: CX and Digital Transformation

There are certain things that are better together. Just like cookies taste better with a glass of milk, customer experiences are always better with digital transformation. During the most recent #AdobeChat, we discussed CX and digital transformation with special guest Brian Solis. Here are some of the highlights: What’s the problem with thinking CX and […]

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People-Based Marketing: The New Gold-Standard

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with advertisements vying for their attention. But when was the last time a billboard or online form really caught your attention? You probably can’t remember. Marketing is a constantly evolving industry, and while consumer-driven content isn’t a new idea, people-based marketing is the new gold-standard. What is People-Based Marketing? Danielle […]

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Video: Adobe Summit Survival Tips

Even an amazing conference like Adobe Summit can be hard to navigate. With so many sessions to chose from, events to attend, and people to meet it can feel like running a marathon. In fact, one of our team members once logged over 120,000 steps during their day Summit experience. This is Greg Dawson’s fourth […] Resizeimage 2019 03 25t101606.708

An All New Adobe Summit

A lot has happened since last year’s Adobe Summit! But we packed our bags, traveled from near and far, and are finally in Las Vegas to kick off this electrifying event. As announced today, we are once again a silver sponsor and our team is out in full force. We’re so excited to see some […]

Transform Your Business with a Digital Experience Platform

With the increased demand for personalized and connective experiences, it’s unsettling that so many businesses are still wasting resources trying to piece together systems that weren’t designed to work together. Not only are they unsuccessfully trying to blend these solutions, but many organizations are managing them with separate processes. Executives increasingly recognize the importance of […]

AI – More Than a Buzzword

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much more than what we see in science fiction movies. From machine learning to predictive analytics, AI has forged the way for smarter, data-driven decision making. Understanding how AI fits into your digital marketing strategy is crucial if you want to stay relevant in today’s market and in years to come. […]

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#AdobeChat Recap: Content Driven Experiential Commerce

Content is all around us. Consumers are flooded with it everywhere they turn. So how can we create personalized content that will stand out to consumers wherever they are? In the most recent #AdobeChat, we discussed how we can use content to drive experiential commerce. Check out these highlights: How has media consumption changed over […]

Video: Sitecore Omni & JSS

The highly anticipated second episode of multi-part Sitecore series is finally here! This series is designed to give you insights and tips on all things Sitecore. The release of Sitecore 9.1 came with many exciting new features, and in this episode, we will discuss Sitecore Omni & JSS: Sitecore Omni An umbrella that encompasses several components […]

Make Data Your Brand’s Biggest Asset

We’ve all heard the saying “More is always better”. But when it comes to data, having more isn’t enough. Most brands are able to acquire plenty of data but are often left frustrated and unsure about how to use it. Having actionable information is the key to turning data into a brand’s most valuable asset. […]

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Sitecore Distinguishes 11 Perficient Digital Experts as MVPs

Becoming an MVP requires dedication, perseverance, and the continuous goal to create new possibilities. Each year, Sitecore identifies a select group of Sitecore Experience Platform experts around the globe who have earned the title of MVP. This year we are proud to announce that eleven of Perficient Digital’s very own Sitecore experts have been named a Sitecore […]

Portals: The Foundation for Personalized Content Experiences

For a tool to be useful, it must be wielded by someone who knows how to properly use it. Portals are robust tools that can help businesses deliver personalized experiences by surfacing the right content at the right time. But just like any other tool, portals require an investment in understanding before they can be […]

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