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3 Ways CPQ Tools Boost Sales Effectiveness

Oracle Enterprise Management Updates

Using CPQ for a Smoother Sales Process

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software and its strategies in the current market continue to evolve and bring greater precision, accuracy, speed, and improvement in every aspect of sales cycles, from product pricing to complex product configurations.

CPQ tools offer greater insights into your customers’ needs and enable them to act quickly, which is essential for winning deals in a competitive and complex selling space.

1. Access from Anywhere with Cloud-Based CPQ Applications

Cloud-based CPQ applications are streamlining omnichannel selling with real-time pricing which is globally accessible across all sales teams, all channels, and all devices.

The cloud-based platforms are integrated with pricing databases for greater accuracy and consistency, and continue to extend support for popular currencies and localized pricing options.

Having a cloud-based, single source for products and catalogs across all channels limits the errors in the quoting process, speeds up the sales cycles, and ensure orders are shipped and delivered on time.

2. Scale Easily for Channel-Specific Selling

More and more CPQ applications are being designed to enable role-based data access to control channel-specific selling through partners and distributors for global deployment. CPQ applications are scaling to support synchronization of deal scoring, up-sell and cross-sell, and incentive across all channels.

3. Create Insights from Customer Data

These days, the combination of machine learning and CPQ tools are being used to gain insight by aggregating massive amounts of data captured across marketing and sales departments. With machine learning and predictive analytics, customer’s preferences are taken into account and become the center of your selling strategies.

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