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Why Digital Marketers Can Always Improve – Here’s Why #194

Eric Enge

No matter how much experience you have leading a digital marketing department, you can always improve.
In this episode of our popular Here’s Why digital marketing video series, Mark Traphagen reveals the biggest needs for improvement in enterprise-level digital marketing.

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Eric: Mark, no matter how much experience we have as digital marketers, we can always get better, right?
Mark: So right, Eric.
Eric: What are some areas in which all online marketers could probably use some improvement?

1. Improve analytics

Mark: The management consulting firm Korn Ferry recently surveyed over 200 CMOs and marketing leaders to find out. The number one area these marketing executives said they needed to make progress in was analytics. Thirty-nine percent of them said that while they were investing more in analytics, they still felt their use of analytics was immature.
Eric: As it happens, we have a Here’s Why video on how to develop mature analytics philosophy.
Any insights on why these CMOs are finding it so difficult to get better at analytics?
Mark: The respondents said that their biggest problem is finding qualified analytics professionals. So, if you’re pursuing a marketing career, might be a good idea to get some analytics and data science training.
Eric: That’s a big pain point. What are these marketing leaders most excited about though?

2. Pursuing personalization

Mark: Right now it’s the whole area of personalization.
Eric: Okay, so explain what that means.
Mark: Simply put, marketing personalization is using technology and analytics to try to deliver an experience to each user that feels customized just for them. Now, as with many other areas brought up in the survey, this is something marketers are hotly pursuing but still don’t feel like they do very well.
Eric: If marketers are feeling so challenged, what’s the main problem? Is it a lack of resources?
Mark: Surprisingly no. By a wide margin, the number one challenge they list is a lack of organizational alignment. They feel that the rest of their organization from the top-down doesn’t really understand or fully value what they do. A third of those singled out their CEO in particular as not being supportive or lacking understanding. And hey, I’ve always been thankful that you haven’t been a problem.
Eric: For many years, I was the marketing of our agency, actually. So yeah, I think I get it.
Mark: But if that’s not the case, you marketing leaders need to make it a regular part of your job to help educate your co-executives on your role and how they can support it.
Eric: And perhaps even more important, how your role supports that function.
Mark: That’s a great point.
Eric: What’s another pain point for these enterprise marketers?

3. Tying marketing results to company performance

Mark: A big one is they know they need to do a better job of tying their results to their company’s performance. Slightly less than half of the respondents feel like they do this with any degree of effectiveness.
Eric: Sounds like professional marketing leaders still have a lot of work ahead of them. How else can we help?
Mark: I’ll be bold enough to suggest that these Here’s Why videos are a great start. Over the past three years, we’ve built a library of these free videos approaching 200 episodes.

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Thoughts on “Why Digital Marketers Can Always Improve – Here’s Why #194”

  1. Hi Team! Another great piece. Completely agree that most companies don’t know how to use their own data. Data science is becoming a very hot career choice at the moment because of it.
    You can never learn enough!
    Keep up the good work Guys!

  2. Totally agree! I’m still learning new things everyday. Every brand is different and every company faces different challenges so there’s always room for more improvement!

  3. Hi,
    A great and informative article for improving digital marketing skills in digital marketers. “Data Science” is one of the most important points you have shared with us. Many of the digital markets don’t even know what is data science. I hope after reading that terrific post, they will learn.

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