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Guide: The Rebirth of Governance in Healthcare

Governance in healthcare organizations is undergoing somewhat of a resurgence, or rebirth, as the industry begins to recognize not only the value of governance for information and data, but also content and knowledge – both critical assets to organizations intent on delivering branded and differentiated consumer experiences.

As digital transformation takes hold, the quest to drive consumer experiences is paramount. As a result, a need has arisen to expand governance beyond the traditional data realm to include other types of information that drives intentional customer experiences.

Content and knowledge are widely used in healthcare across myriad consumer touch points and greatly influence consumer experience. So just like data, the content and knowledge that’s used to support consumer interactions needs to be controlled and governed to ensure the right content is delivered at the right time, in the right context, and is personalized.

This guide explores relevant trends across this extended information set, with trends divided into two categories:

  • Trends that are external to the governance practice, but are having a direct impact on governance programs
  • Trends that are occurring directly within governance itself

This blog was co-authored by Mark Steinbacher and Priyal Patel.

To learn more about the rebirth of governance in healthcare, and exploring the trends and impact on patients and organizational operations, you can download the guide below.

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