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Video: Sitecore Strategy Ep 3 – Site Search Best Practices

As part of my ongoing effort to bring insights around the key considerations for success when working with Sitecore as a digital marketer, my goal has been and continues to be, alignment with thought-leaders. So far in this series I have brought you two of my peers at Perficient Digital. Now I have the distinct pleasure to bringing you a leader from one of our well-respected partners; Coveo. Also a fellow Sitecore MVP, Simon Langevin is a Product Manager at Coveo, a Sitecore Certified Developer and an all-around great person.

In this episode Simon will cover Site Search Best Practices that include:

  • Search Box Prominence
  • Search Box Intelligence
  • Power of Machine Learning
  • The Search Interface – Make it Human-friendly
  • Contextual Search
  • Personalization
  • Reporting

Simon’s depth of knowledge illustrates the importance of having a robust solution. One that can provide insights for your users, and data for your team, all to help drive personalization and conversion. These insights are key to delivering what we are all used to when using sites like Google, Bing, and Amazon. From there, I deliver and overview of the integration and capabilities of Coveo’s leading relevance search solution in Sitecore.

As I state in the video, there are certainly different options when it comes to site search in Sitecore, but Coveo’s deeply integrated, cloud-based solution is a personal favorite in: ease of installation, forward-thinking technology, and support.
Please enjoy the video and reach back to me or Simon via Twitter, @Sitecordial and @SilaouO – or leave comments here.
Author’s note: Simon and Vincent from Coveo are both mentioned by me in the video, but Simon ended up presenting all of the content. Both good guys!

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Rick Bauer, Senior Solutions Architect

As a 5-time Sitecore Strategy MVP and Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, Rick provides insight, training, and a passion for a fully-realized potential of the Sitecore Customer Experience Platform and Content Hub. He utilizes his years of hands-on Sitecore know-how and certification to help deliver clear solutions and actionable results for marketers - both new to the platforms, or looking to take them to the next level of maturity.

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