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The Path to Integration Architecture Designer: A Short Story

Putting customer success first means aligning qualified, motivated, and enthusiastic team members with their projects. We’re protective of our culture and believe in hiring the best of the best for our teams, and this was again demonstrated by a recent company update.

We are peeling back the curtain and showing an example shared by Sherri Wiggins, a Salesforce Practice Lead at Perficient, regarding a certain Technical Architect who is making a certification splash.

Here’s how the conversation went on Friday, August 31st:

Me: Santoshi Mishra, you look pretty good in terms of your Certifications, but let’s target your Sales Cloud cert by end of the year.

Santoshi: Sure, I can do that, but I’d also like to get my Integration Architecture Designer by 11/1, then Sales Cloud by 12/31 (…and went on to define 4 more cert goals – one per quarter through 2019!)

Me: Well, that’s a little aggressive, Santoshi, but go for it if that’s what you’d like to tackle.

Fast forward four days to Tuesday, September 4th:

Santoshi: Hey Sherri, I got my Integration Architecture Designer cert today.

Me: What the…

All while being fully (if not over) booked! Congrats, Santoshi!! Nicely done 🙂

We are proud to have a culture that celebrates effort like Santoshi put forth, and many impressively talented people to pair her with.

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