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Macro Personalization – Meeting Your Customer’s Expectations

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I’m not sure how many of you reading this post have read any of my previous musings, but if you have, you know that personalization is not a new topic for me. It’s something I’ve focused on for quite a while and something I am continuously learning to master and help my clients on executing since personalization is so hot right now.

Since joining Brainjocks, now Perficient, I have had the privilege to collaborate with the smartest minds in this business around customer and digital experience, technical design, development, digital strategy and more. I’ve also been able to work with SCORE, a Sitecore accelerator that Brainjocks, now Perficient, has developed, and see the impact that it has on the content authoring experience and personalization implementation process. Let me tell you…I’m shook.

I won’t go into too much detail about the amazing benefits of SCORE (which you can read about here), but what I will tell you is that SCORE enhances the content authoring experience by using components (aka building blocks) to give content authors and marketers WAY more flexibility to create and update pages in an experience.

Streamlining the content authoring process is critical to getting organizations started with optimization. Content authors often feel weighed down by the need to create and publish content regularly. With SCORE’s streamlined user interface and the use of Atomic Design fundamentals, content teams are instantly more efficient – and personalization becomes that much more accessible.

And I should clarify, SCORE doesn’t just help organizations get started with one tiny personalization rule. Nope. SCORE accelerates personalization in Sitecore across the board because you can set it in one place and apply it across the experience significantly faster than you could if you weren’t using SCORE. It’s a little something we here at Brainjocks, now Perficient, are calling macro personalization.

Our very own Brainjocks, now Perficient, CEO/CTO/Resident Margarita-Master Brian Beckham has written a nice 2-parter on SCORE and personalization as well, but I wanted to throw in my two cents. What makes SCORE a powerful enabler of personalization is its use of snippets (think global header or sidebar call out), the ability to embed personalization on those snippets and then the ability to render that snippet (with tailored content) across the experience. This allows marketers and content authors to apply a personalization rule in one place, but have it render – you guessed it – across the experience. It’s personalization at scale!

In the past, my clients have always asked me, “Jill, once I apply a personalization on this one page, do I need to go through every page and re-apply the rule on the same components that I want personalized?” While the answer has previously (and unfortunately) been yes, now I can proudly say no. With SCORE, you no longer have to waste your time going page by page, re-applying personalization rules. You can now apply macro personalization with a few clicks and deliver on the individualized experience your customers are expecting.

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Jill Grozalsky

Jill Grozalsky is an award-winning digital marketer and expert in personalization, user segmentation, testing, and comprehensive marketing strategies. Jill helps her clients deliver the best customer experience possible. She helps clients develop digital roadmaps and marketing programs aimed at achieving near-term results and long-term growth from digital assets. In addition, Jill works with clients to develop data-driven segmentation strategies across technologies to help drive personalized engagement while building brand loyalty.

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