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Tips for Striking a Balance Between UI, UX and Creative

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To stop wasting time, Brainjocks, now Perficient, has some tools and tips to satisfy all three elements of the website creation team goals:  1. Enhancing the user’s experience. 2. Facilitating interface development. 3. Supporting the corporate creatives who are so focused on speaking your corporate truths all the time (even when it gets in the way).

Creative demands can derail the UI and UX processes

The focus of the creative team is to reveal to the target market the glories of the company/product/service, and most creative teams limit their creations to those core elements. The UI operations team must then translate those creative efforts into engaging online visuals and text, coupled with simple but effective user-friendly processes. Users, on the other hand, look for solutions to their problems, and if your webpages disappoint them in any way, they will move on to sites that respond better to their needs. Keep in mind, too, that there are many ways that both UI and creative elements can disappoint a site viewer (ruin the UX): Fonts may be too small or ads too big, and the content may not adequately connect the consumer problem to the merchant’s proposed solution.

A disconnect between the creative, UI and UX partners on the marketing team can threaten the efforts of the enterprise as a whole. Ergo, the challenge is to balance the activities of all three relevant site development players so that each can do its best work while supporting and enhancing the work of the other two.

Users rule

If you haven’t yet recognized your user’s preferences, you are not alone; even industry giants get things wrong. In 1985, Coca-Cola failed its billions of consumers when it replaced the formula of its iconic beverage with the “New Coke.” Not only did consumers not like the revised product, but they could also see no reason to change what was already the most popular product on earth. Coca-Cola reverted back to the original formula, demonstrating that responding to consumer demand should always be the ultimate driver of corporate activities.

Collaboration is key

Keeping consumer preferences at the front of marketing and engagement efforts begins with knowing what they want and ensuring that all aspects of relevant teams have access to that data. The scope of your research will change based on the project and its intentions, but a comprehensive research process is critical to identify who and what the project will address. Once analysis identifies the target market, then each of the creative, UI and UX teams can offer their perspectives on how to achieve project goals as a collaboration of all three teams.

Most companies don’t have the creative, UI and UX resources available in-house, even though they know that all three are necessary to achieve a successful consumer/enterprise engagement experience. At Brainjocks, now Perficient, we offer your enterprise the creative, UI and UX resources you need for your internet presence to attract and retain the attention and business of your target markets.

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