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Webinar Optimize Fleet Maintenance Performance with IoT 2 of 2

Do you have Maximo? Do you have a fleet of assets (cars, trucks, vans, ambulances, etc)? Are you looking for a better way to maintain asset performance using Internet of Things (IoT)? This second webinar in the series valuable to you too. With the cast of speakers, there should be a wealth of information and knowledge sharing…

The second in the series of two is next Friday, March 9th at 1PM EST.  Click here if you missed the announcement of tomorrows webinar on how to transform your fleet, part one.

This webinar help provide answers to:

– What is your life-cycle for Asset Management and how can you better plan for future needs?
– How can you make correct repair and replace decisions for your critical assets and fleets?
– How does IoT fit into the life-cycle of optimizing a maintenance process?
– Interested in a quick overview of Maximo Asset Health Insights (MAHI)?
– What’s Predictive Maintenance Optimization (PMO) and how could help you?

The last two items should be brief demonstrations and your Presenters include:

Don Beahm, Watson IoT Transportation Leader, IBM
Jim Crosskey, Watson IoT Senior Offering Manager, IBM
Frank Henry, Watson IoT Client Technical Professional, IBM

Click here to register for March 9 at 1PM EST.

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