#AdobeChat Recap: Taking CX to the Next Level

In today’s world, it seems almost unimaginable to unplug from technology. Most of us rely on our phones and devices to wake us up, provide news updates, communicate with friends or colleges, binge watch the most recent season of our favorite show, and even shop for groceries.
During last week’s #AdobeChat, we discussed customer experience and how we can improve it. This broad topic can seem daunting but with ever-increasing expectations, it’s paramount. Here are a few highlights from the conversation.

As a marketer, what does it mean to exceed customer experience expectations? How about as a consumer?

What are some ideas, technologies, and practices that are at the core of taking CX to the next level?

There was a lot of great discussion in response to this question, and several great points were made. Everyone agreed that having a strong customer focus is essential. It was also mentioned that taking advantage of the data you already have can make a huge impact on CX.

How can brands avoid spreading themselves “too thin” while executing a next-level customer experience strategy?

Where do brands start when seeking to take their customer experience to the next level? Share some advice.

There were some other great takeaways. Rani Mani, Head of Social Influencer Enablement at Adobe, reminded us that CX is a mindset that must be embraced by all. And Ross Quintana wrapped up the chat with this takeaway: Mastering customer experience means hiring the right people who have a passion for the customer. Hire these people in every department.
Check out the full conversation on the Adobe Experience Cloud twitter page. You can follow and participate in the weekly #AdobeChat every Wednesday at (4 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. PT). Check out this post for interesting advice on how to streamline your customer experience.

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