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[Video] Exploring the Coveo for Salesforce Express Edition

Enterprise Search Trends to Watch

The enterprise search market is changing as technology providers take advantage of emerging data-related capabilities, such as predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), and build them into their cloud-based enterprise search solutions. AI-powered search opens up a world of possibilities to modernize the search experience for end users, helps a workforce be more productive, and enables a business to innovate faster.

Coveo is an enterprise-class search platform that provides a unified approach to intelligent search for the digital workplace, customer support, self-service, and site search. A market-leading platform ranked as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search the past two years, Coveo pairs a large library of connectors with integrated machine-learning and usage analytics to help optimize the search experience for users, identify knowledge discovery trends and content gaps, and better understand what drives search-driven success for your business.

With the new Express Edition recently launched, Coveo now delivers a fast, barrier-free path to infusing self-learning technology and an intuitive user interface into any Salesforce Community. Use Coveo’s Express Edition to build a foundation for a rewarding community experience that can expand into more organizational data sources over time.

Adding Intelligent Search to Your Salesforce Community

Are you thinking about building a customer, partner, or employee community and want to see intelligent search in action in Salesforce? Or perhaps, you’re looking to enhance Salesforce’s out-of-the-box search capabilities in your community by adding a more self-service search experience for users?

I recently recorded this brief demo that walks viewers through a handful of features available in the new Coveo for Salesforce Express Edition. You’ll learn how to quickly use Coveo’s components to build and customize a rich and intuitive search experience in a Salesforce Lightning Community.

Need Help Installing the App?

As one of just three certified Coveo Platinum Partners specializing in Coveo for Salesforce, we help clients design, architect, and implement modern enterprise search solutions that empower end users to be more successful, and ultimately impact the customer experience. Our expertise across technologies and platforms enables us to seamlessly integrate intelligent search with a variety of enterprise applications to unlock the value of information to transform your business.

If you are just looking for help installing and configuring the app in your Salesforce org, I encourage you to watch Coveo’s walkthrough video to help you through the installation process.

Get early access to Coveo for Salesforce Express Edition (official GA coming soon) and get started with free intelligent search on your Salesforce Community by visiting:

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