Adobe Launches Advertising Cloud

Today Adobe announced their newest cloud product – Adobe Advertising Cloud – that promises to unify advertising efforts from non-digital to digital channels. Advertising Cloud is a combination of Adobe’s existing Media Optimizer and recently acquired TubeMogul.
Main offerings of the Advertising Cloud include:

  • Search management
  • Automated ad buying
  • Creative optimization
Customer Experience and Design - Build a Better Customer Experience with AEM on Microsoft Azure
Build a Better Customer Experience with AEM on Microsoft Azure

Businesses leveraging the two technologies together would now be able to harness their data for critical insights and predictions, connect customer touchpoints across their business, and drive brand loyalty and growth.

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image of Adobe TubeMogulAdvertising cloud includes the following specific capabilities:

  • Cross Channel Publishing to plan, buy and measure advertising across channels.
  • Media Activation across devices or screens that allows marketers to reach specific audiences regardless of the device used
  • Cloud performance that also protects the brand and the media
  • Adobe claims to be the largest independent advertising platform and does not add media markup and well known fees.
  • Creative optimization to create personalized ads using consumer analytics

Adobe claims that they already manage $3.5B annual ad spend through the Adobe Advertising Cloud with at least 1,000 global customers.  Adobe has a long way to go to catch up to Google and Facebook in digital ad spend. eMarketer estimates that Google will have $72.69B and Facebook will have $33.76B in ad spend in 2017. However Adobe’s move to cross digital and non-digital channels will provide them an advantage.
Also Adobe intends to further integrate Advertising Cloud with the Adobe Marketing Cloud that will create a compelling platform for marketers to manage all their marketing spend in one place.

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