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Perficient Digital Included in Forrester Report on B2B Automation

Forrester recently released its report, “How B2B Marketing Automation Service Providers Help Drive Marketing Transformation,” which addresses the growing complexity of marketing automation and the challenges it presents for B2B companies. To overcome those challenges, marketers are turning to third-party service providers for help with related technical and business processes.
In this report, Perficient Digital’s VP of digital experience solutions, Ed Hoffman, weighed in on how strategy consulting can help integrate marketing into your overall digital transformation and how to shift marketing’s role from a top-notch supplier of leads into the architect of customer engagement across the entire customer life cycle.

“In the age where customer is king, technology and customer experience are inextricably linked; great brands are no longer built with a bullhorn. They are the sum of every interaction a customer has with an enterprise.” – Ed Hoffman

This change in marketing’s function should align with the organization’s overall digital transformation strategy.
The report continues by exploring the factors driving the use of service providers and highlighting ways in which marketers have used service providers to accelerate their progress. It also presents a checklist of things to keep in mind when choosing a service provider to help with B2B automation:

  • Be honest about where you are and what you need. Perform an evaluation of what you can realistically achieve with your current resources
  • Vet vendors’ capabilities carefully. Understand the different core capabilities and strengths of each.
  • Use a managed process to make your selection. You don’t always need a formal request-for-proposal process,  but at least a brief request-for-information is recommended.
  • Dig deep into customer references and case studies. Look at clients with which they’ve worked in terms of their size, industry, and any other factors of interest to your firm.

With those considerations in mind, marketers can be confident in their selection of a service provider to help them move forward with B2B marketing automation.

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