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[Podcast] What If You Could Meet Your (Clothes) Maker? An Interview with Shawn Reynolds.

In this episode, Kim talks with Shawn Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President at AI software company Logility, about what it takes to have a modern supply chain operation and what the new customer-driven mandates are when it comes to supply chain transparency. Listen Now Subscribe Where You Listen Apple | Spotify | […]

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Expanding Our Nearshore and Commerce Capabilities with Talos Digital

We’re excited to announce that Perficient has expanded its nearshore delivery and commerce capabilities with the acquisition of Talos Digital, an award-winning nearshore software development company, based in Colombia, South America, that specializes in SAP Commerce. With this acquisition, we’re expanding and enhancing our nearshore delivery capacity, building our commerce capabilities, and further growing our […]

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[Podcast] What if Your Personal and Professional Brand Could be the Same? An Interview with Kelsey Flora.

In this episode, Kim talks with Kelsey Flora, former Director of Marketing and Engagement at National Geographic, about how to turn your biggest brand asset – your team members – into your biggest brand ambassadors by sharing work-related content on social media. Listen Now Subscribe Where You Listen Apple | Spotify | Amazon | Google […]

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[Podcast] What If You Never Had to Go to Your Doctor’s Office Again? An Interview With Tom Swanson.

In this episode, Jim talks with Tom Swanson, Head of Industry Strategy & Marketing for Health & Life Sciences at Adobe, about the future of telemedicine and what other industries can learn from what’s happening in the healthcare space. Listen Now Subscribe Where You Listen Apple | Spotify | Amazon | Google | Stitcher Meet […]

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[Podcast] What If You Had to Lead Digital Natives as a Digital Immigrant? An Interview with Lisa Bowman.

In this episode, Kim talks with Lisa Bowman, Chief Mojo Officer of Marketing Mojo and past CMO of organizations like UPS, about how the CMO skill set has evolved and what it takes to be a modern marketer. Listen Now Subscribe Where You Listen Apple | Spotify | Amazon | Google | Stitcher Meet our […]

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[Podcast] What if You Could Speak Marketing and IT? An Interview With Robert Nelms.

In this episode of the What If? So What? podcast, Kim talks with Robert Nelms of Assurant about the importance of empathy when it comes to digital strategy and leadership, and we learn how Robert inspires his team to think through other people’s eyes. Listen Now Subscribe Where You Listen Apple | Spotify | Amazon | Google | Stitcher […]

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Strengthening Our Global Delivery Capabilities with PSL

We’re excited to announce that Perficient has expanded to South America with the acquisition of Productora de Software S.A.S. (PSL), a nearshore software development company based in Medellin, Colombia. With this acquisition, Perficient furthers our commitment to optimized global delivery as an approach to help lower delivery costs while maintaining high quality. This has never […]

Perficient Included in Gartner’s 2020 Commerce Vendor Guide

Perficient was recently included as a digital commerce service provider in Gartner’s Digital Commerce Vendor Guide, 2020. This guide helps application leaders understand the various technologies, capabilities and partnerships they should consider when building a differentiated commerce ecosystem. According to Gartner’s 2019 Digital Commerce State of the Union Survey, 48% of respondents said that delivering […]

How We Helped Lids Increase Holiday Sales 17% through CRO

Imagine that you’re online shopping, and you see a promotional ad for your favorite store. You click through to the website to take advantage of that deal, but, once on the site, you’re presented with additional offers. Suddenly you’re questioning what the best deal is and how you should move forward. It’s confusing – and […]

How We Helped Lids Increase Holiday Revenue 498% through Retargeting

It now takes more than 20 touchpoints before a consumer is ready to make a purchase. That’s why it’s more important than ever to stay top of mind with your website visitors, and be visible throughout their purchase journey. One way to effectively do this is through retargeting. Website visitors who are retargeted with display […]

How We Helped Lids Increase In-Store Holiday Traffic by 115%

  Estimated arrival date: December 26. *Shopper exits browser* You may have the best online ad, featuring the best deal, coupled with a great on-site experience, but you’ve lost your holiday shopper with those five words and the reality that, as the holidays get closer, you just can’t deliver in time. Successful holiday digital marketing […]

Video: How the IBM-HCL Deal Impacts Your Commerce Plans

Late last year, HCL announced that it would acquire various software products from IBM, including WebSphere Commerce. This announcement was met with a mix of reactions across the industry: surprise, panic, but most of all, uncertainty. The acquisition finalized in July, and it’s time to clear the air and answer some of the most-asked questions […]

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