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What are high-performance marketing teams doing to keep pace with customers and stay ahead of the competition? The third annual State of Marketing report from Salesforce Research has some great insights. I’ll even give you a hint – everything revolves around making customer experience (CX) a top priority. While this may come as no surprise to many, organizations have yet to truly master CX. That is due in part to the fact that CX is continuously evolving and thus an ongoing journey, not a final destination. CX requires a committed strategy and a significant amount of effort to orchestrate every interaction a customer has with a brand resulting in a seamless experience across channels.

Salesforce reports that high-performing marketing teams are 7.7x as likely to lead customer experience across the organization.

Gone are the days where organizations rely on a Salesforce consulting partner to simply implement CRM for lead and opportunity management. Customers today rely on Salesforce to completely transform their business. They’re also pushing the boundaries by exploring innovative ways to reimagine the customer experience. Saying we are Salesforce experts isn’t the end-all, be-all. It is merely the beginning for us.

That’s why customers like Trend Micro have turned to Perficient to fuse the power of Salesforce technology with insightful agency strategy and creativity. With more than 30,000 partners globally, the company decided to build an online community using the Salesforce Community Cloud platform. Our team of experience designers built wireframes and mockups, and worked alongside our team of Community Cloud experts and Salesforce developers to redesign the digital experience for partners. 

Community design mockup from Perficient Digital

Community design mockup from Perficient Digital

The end result was a user-friendly, intuitive and mobile-responsive digital experience providing partners with a personalized experience and access to targeted sales and marketing information to manage their business. The new unified partner experience improved partner productivity and channel performance, and Computer Reseller News (CRN) even recognized Trend Micro for its channel program and leading-edge experience.

Trend Micro Partner Community homepage and dashboard

Trend Micro Partner Community homepage and dashboard

This is just one of the many reasons why we (and our clients) are excited about the recent launch of Perficient Digital, our agency purpose-built to help companies who believe that CX is the defining strategic imperative of our day.

Perficient Digital

Comprised of nearly 200 digital and brand strategists, designers, marketers, data analysts and developers, Perficient Digital blends the strategic imagination of an agency with the deep technical acumen of Perficient’s established consultancy to deliver exceptional customer experiences for the world’s biggest brands. Customers can now tap into our digital marketing, experience design and platform expertise to transform the customer journey with Salesforce.

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