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Create Engaging Digital Commerce Experiences


Peoples’ interactions with digital media today are ubiquitous.  While the majority of digital media interactions typically facilitating either an immediate need (e.g. weather & news updates), basic entertainment (e.g. pick your favorite social media service), or increasingly to research brands and purchase products used for both personal needs and for responsibilities related to our employment, for the digital marketer this habitual action offers some incredible opportunities.

When you consider all the tools & channels we as consumers have in today’s world at our disposal to interact (e.g. computers, smart devices, tablets, in-store display, et al) together with the myriad of services we access (e.g.  social media, content subscriptions, branded content, eCommerce), consumers of all things digital have a feast before us. But digital marketers and merchandisers – when enabled with an aligned team, supporting tools and a comprehensive strategy – can meet buyers when and how they choose to connect and exceed their demanding expectations.

Perficient’s IBM Commerce Practice and CoreMedia are bringing together an expert team to discuss and explore how to enable digital marketers to blend commerce and content to optimize the digital customer experience. In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss:

  • Customer experience trends across both brand and commerce sites that are driving massive change in digital strategies
  • Best practices marketers and merchandisers can follow to optimize content to create experiential commerce
  • Deployment options and architectural approaches for delivering short-term results and the building a foundation for meeting long-term goals

Join us and click here for more information to register today!

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