Digital Transformation in HR at OOW15

At Oracle OpenWorld 2015, Mukesh Nakra from Infosys talked about Reinventing HR as part of digital transformation. There are several imperatives driving HR to change:



  • Working with millennial employees and a digital workforce – we can’t support this group with traditional Human Capital Management system
  • Improving employee reach globally with multilingual HR applications
  • Adopting social networking, mobility and analytics solutions
  • Value realization with optimized HR processes and high ROI
  • Advent of technically superior cloud platforms to simplify HR

What does Digital Transformation mean in HCM? Here are areas where DT is profoundly impacting the HR organization and their processes:

  • There is a significant focus on simplifying and enhancing user and employee experiences.
  • The organization’s desire to move to a paperless office – no more hardcopy forms, etc.
  • Globalization and internationalization of processes.
  • Requirement to protect PII and ensure information security
  • DT calls for integrating islands of information in the enterprise and this applies to HR too.  If the business counts on integrated information for selling, marketing, etc, they count on HR being there too.
  • Ensure data-driven decision making

Key focus areas of DT with respect to HR can be pulled from the list above:

  • Process Digitization
  • Enhancing User Experience
  • Integration of Information Island
  • Globalization
  • Data-driven decision making

Which areas do companies struggle the most? Applying security to newly digitized information is a struggle for a lot of companies. Defining who can see what in the digital world is a large task and must be governed. In addition, some paper has to be maintained for legal reasons, so tying the digital asset to a paper copy is also critical.

Another area is the move to cloud-based systems.  The business is mostly on board with the cloud, but IT can still be resistant. There is also expense in storing information in the cloud, so the business has to rationalize what should be stored there and what could remain on premise.

Chris Leone jumped with a panel dicussion.

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