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What’s New for Oracle Hyperion DRM – PBCS Integration

With the recent release of EPM suite, it’s no big surprise that Data Relationship Management (DRM) becomes an integration tool used with Planning and Budget Cloud Service (PBCS) as Oracle continues to push cloud computing. Hierarchies, nodes and properties can now be shared between DRM and PBCS by using Web interface or the EPM Automate Utility which enables users to perform import/export tasks remotely.

Some of my clients who have deployed their planning system on PBCS utilized the EPM Automate Utility to automate common administrative tasks. Focusing on master data management, I am excited to see the new release of DRM that enables both on-premise applications, and cloud based applications, shared in the DRM dimensionality.

To perform the DRM-Cloud practice in an automated fashion, planning jobs must be established before using EPM Automate Utility commands; This is a one-time activity performed by administrators. Jobs are actions, such as metadata importing/exporting, data importing/exporting, launching business rules and refreshing database. Jobs can be started immediately or scheduled periodically.

The following example shows the steps required to import metadata from DRM to PBCS. The assumption has been made that a file labeled has already been created and in the format.

NOTE: The file must be located in the same directory as the upload command.

When populating DRM from a PBCS application, hierarchies, nodes and properties are imported/exported via a .CSV format. The Upload command, uploads the file to the inbox/outbox before the job is executed.



  • Job names are case-sensitive.
  • Double quotes are required in the file name if the file name contains spaces.

The PBCS Simplified Interface is an easy approach to perform DRM-Cloud practices in a web interface fashion, as well as create administrative tasks.

Metadata importing/exporting jobs can also be created using the centralized administration console as indicated in the picture below.


Jobs can be run immediately, or scheduled periodically, from the administration console. For more details, please head over to Using PBCS Simplified Interface.


In my next blog, I will discuss the enhancements to the Data Relationship Governance (DRG) module in the release. Thank you!

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