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Inside sales seems to be an ever-changing role in companies, and there never seems to be an absolute way of finding new opportunities.  However, one of the most important parts of being an inside sales rep, is always having a full lead queue.  This can be done in a number of different ways, but one of the best ways to make sure your data is up to date is by using for Inside allows you to search for leads by company, title, location, industry, name, and E-mail address.  In addition, you are able to use many different filters to find leads most relevant to what you are looking for.  Some of these filters are company size, location type, website domain, and revenue.  An important piece of information that is also given, is how long ago the lead was updated.  The more recent the lead was updated, the more reliable the information will be when reaching out.

One of the best parts about is how easily integrated is to your platform.  Because of this, you can import large batches of leads, and it is all automated so they will automatically show up in your lead queue once they are imported.

The information that is given for each lead from is also extremely useful.  Along with phone number, E-mail address, and title, you are also given information about the company that can be helpful during outreach.

In conclusion, can be extremely useful when building your lead queue.  You will be able to get information that would otherwise be extremely difficult to find.  However, try to make sure the information is fairly recent, otherwise the imported leads could end up being information for people that are no longer working at the given company.

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