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How and Why to Logically Reverse the Star Schema in Oracle BI

Kathryn Watson, Solution Architect at Perficient, presented at KScope14 today about reversing the star schema in Oracle BI logically in the metadata Administration tool of Oracle Business Intelligence.

How and Why to Logically Reverse the Star Schema in Oracle BIIt has long been accepted that classically designed dimensional models provide the foundations for effective Business Intelligence applications.  But what about those cases in which the facts and their related dimensions are not, in fact, the answers?  Introducing the Reverse Star Schema, a critical pillar of business driven Business Intelligence applications.  This session will run through the what’s, why’s, and when’s of Reverse Star Schemas, highlight real-world case studies at one of the nation’s top-tier health systems, demonstrate OBIEE implementation techniques, and prepare you for architecting the complex and sophisticated Business Intelligence applications of the future.

By using a conforming dimension as the core of a star schema it is possible to join a number of fact tables and their additional dimensions (conforming or not) into one logical reporting object where relationships between seemingly unrelated (from a star schema perspective) dimensions become available for reporting. Kathryn starts off with a simple theoretical explanation and dives into an implementation of the solution with the tips and tricks based upon real world experience. To read Kathryn’s entire blog post, click here.


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