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Patrick Abram

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Predictive Analytics: Higher Ed’s Moneyball?

Yes, I admit it. I listen to NPR most evenings. I suppose I prefer my news read to me by people speaking softly very close into the microphone. Tonight on NPR’s All Things Considered I listened to the latest installment in their Ideas series which explores innovation in education. Neal Phillips, English professor at Valencia College […]

OBIEE – BI Publisher Set Up Fails on Windows Server 2012

The journey of discovery continues. I can report a successful install of Oracle Business Intelligence on Microsoft Windows 2012 R2, but I encountered one last bug and set of supplemental instructions worth sharing. During the Configuration Progress step of the Enterprise Install the “Setting Up BI Publisher” step never completed. From the screenshot below you […]

APPCRASH During Install of Oracle BI on Microsoft Windows 2012 R2

Installing any commercial software on a newly certified operating system often leads to a journey of discovery. In this case, Oracle Business Intelligence installed on Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 raises an alarming error during the installation process. The crash warning above occurred during an Enterprise Install on a freshly built Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 […]

OBIEE Unable to Login with MSAD / LDAP (virtualize=true)

I would like to follow up on John Whitaker’s post, OBIEE What You Need to Know, by adding a note about an important patch that was released on June 3, 2015. Using an external security provider with Oracle Business Intelligence is increasingly common. When configuring Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, or other 3rd party authentication provider it […]

How and Why to Logically Reverse the Star Schema in Oracle BI

How and Why to Logically Reverse the Star Schema in Oracle BI

Kathryn Watson, Solution Architect at Perficient, presented at KScope14 today about reversing the star schema in Oracle BI logically in the metadata Administration tool of Oracle Business Intelligence. It has long been accepted that classically designed dimensional models provide the foundations for effective Business Intelligence applications.  But what about those cases in which the facts […]