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Salesforce1 Delivers on the Three Pillars of CRM User Adoption Success

We have said it before, but with the unveiling of Salesforce1, it’s the perfect time for a reminder about the three pillars of CRM User Adoption success: people, process, and technology.  With the launch of Salesforce1, there’s no question that nails these three drivers.  There are several components to user adoption success, but the harmony and balance of people, process, and technology have to be aligned in order for organizations to realize long-term user adoption success.

Salesforce1 Delivers on the Three Pillars of CRM User Adoption SuccessSo lets see how Salesforce1 fosters user adoption. Get out your mobile device, go to your favorite app store, and download Salesforce1 (you will need your login).  About two seconds later, you’re there, right in your Salesforce instance, but (and no offense to the full Salesforce site) it’s the most intuitive, friendly Salesforce interface you’ve ever seen—you almost don’t think you’re in the world’s most powerful cloud application. Let’s get back to one of the pillars, people. Trust me, your users, especially your on-the-go salespeople, will be so thrilled to have this app at their fingertips, you will achieve one of the important components of improving user adoption.

From here, you can do just about anything you normally would in the office: view, edit or create records for: Accounts, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities…you get the idea.  You can even view your customized dashboards.  The processes that your organization and your Salesforce admin have designed are fully functional with Salesforce1.  So, the second pillar of user adoption success, process, is met and the goods news is that your admin can easily customize how data shows up for you and optimize the Salesforce1 app for your organization, so be sure to provide feedback to him/her on the interface and functionality.

Now, lets talk about the third pillar, technology.  It’s easy for your admin to set-up. Users have the full power of Salesforce at their fingertips. The requirements for using Salesforce1 are ubiquitous; numerous browsers, devices, languages, and Salesforce editions and licenses are supported.  So the third pillar of user adoption success, technology, is achieved.

User adoption is a critical component CRM success.  If your organization is struggling with less than stellar adoption rates, why not give Salesforce1 a try? recently reported a 96% increase in active users of the Salesforce1 mobile app.  If you’re looking to jump-start your user adoption, Salesforce1 just might be the catalyst you need to achieve this goal.  Read more about critical components to drive user adoption.


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