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New Online Tutorials for SharePoint 2013 Developers!

There’s really nothing quite like being part of a top national systems integrator.  I’ve found that one of the coolest, most rewarding aspects of this job is working with so many bright, talented people from all across the country.  The sheer breadth and scope of the expertise brought to bear by the ladies and gentlemen on my own team alone is humbling to me, and lately I’ve been turned on to yet another example.
LearnNowOnline is a technical learning company that provides in-depth, real-world content to developers, IT professionals and computer users over the web.  It turns out that a whole slew of their how-to courses on SharePoint 2013 have been developed and recorded by Perficient’s own Tim McCarthy!
Tim has put together a set of eight SharePoint 2013 tutorials for developers, covering a diverse set of topics including:

  • Client-Side Code (extremely important now and in the future– especially for Office 365 / SharePoint Online!)
  • Controls and Web Parts
  • Solutions with Visual Studio 2012
  • …and many more!

I have to say, I’m not just proud of what Tim’s done, I’m positively flabbergasted.  The SharePoint partner community might be competitive but it’s also very collaborative– we are all collaborators by trade after all– and it’s great to see another example of Perficient experts contributing to that knowledge base.  Check it out here!

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Rich Wood

Rich Wood has been planning, designing and building enterprise solutions and internet sites with an emphasis on stellar user and customer experiences since 1997. Rich is a National Director for Content and Commerce Platform work in Perficient Digital. One of the rare breed of strategists to truly understand both the business needs of the customer and the platforms that serve them, he is a keen advocate for and accomplished speaker/writer on issues that surround that inflection point. His work has been published on CMSWire, Sitecore and Microsoft partner blogs, and his own LinkedIn page as well as our various blogs here at Perficient, and he has spoken at multiple major conferences including Microsoft's SharePoint Conference 2014. Married and a father of five, Rich enjoys spending time with his wife and family. He is a native of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a graduate of Marquette University.

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