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Znode and Sitecore form technical bond

Written by Alex Moss
E-commerce & Content Management
For years most companies looking to introduce or revamp a web presence have had to answer a fundamental question about that presence: “Do we want a content site or do we want an e-commerce site?” But what if they want the best of both worlds? Sure there are plenty of e-commerce platforms that incorporate some CMS capabilities, and the inverse is also true; there are some CMS platforms that have e-commerce capabilities. While most of these solutions provide a great feature set for the area they are focused on, it always feels like there is just a bunch of bolted-on, token features to enable basic functionality for the other side of the coin.

Znode connector to Sitecore
With Znode announcing their integration with Sitecore we have two companies, that have separate areas of focus and expertise, coming together as technology partners to provide a solution that gives customers the best of both worlds. A best of breed CMS platform with world class e-commerce features. We no longer have to choose what we want the focus of our site to be.
Big deal, right? You’ve always been able to purchase these two solutions separately and have your CMS portions of the site implemented on Sitecore and the e-commerce portions of the site built on Znode. With some clever design you could even create some combo pages that showed some CMS features alongside e-commerce functionality.
This is a big deal! The solution that has been developed is truly (pardon the cliché) greater than the sum of its parts. This integration is so much more than a “connector” in the traditional sense of the word. The final result is the Sitecore best-of-breed CMS with a world-class e-commerce engine built in. Not only does this give your business users a single place to log in and manage your site (regardless of whether they are managing their engaging content or how products are being displayed) but it brings Sitecore features, like the outstanding Digital Marketing Suite into the e-commerce engine.
Technology Partners
Perficient, as partners with both Sitecore and Znode congratulate both companies on this impressive relationship and we look forward to working side-by-side to take full advantage of their new technological union.

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