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Webinar: Create Great Search Experiences with SharePoint 2013

Join us Wednesday, October 17, 2012, at 1 p.m. CT for the webinar “Create Great Search Experiences with SharePoint 2013.”
Have you ever found yourself searching for the perfect “search” interface? If that answer is yes, you’re looking at it the wrong way. You’ve got to start with your search results. Because let’s face it, no one searches for kicks – it’s the results we are after. Whether we are talking about your employee portal, or your public website, each user is unique in their motivations and needs that drive them to search. If you want to create the ultimate search experience, developing a core understanding of your users is the first priority. What search parameters do they need? How are the results displayed? Can they effectively sort those results? Keep in mind the goal: your users find the right information the first time.
You’ve also probably heard the recent buzz about SharePoint 2013 and its slew of new features. Enterprise search wasn’t left out of the bunch. In fact, SharePoint 2013 combines the capabilities of Microsoft search options into one single version, enabling an improved search experience with faster and more accurate results.
During our upcoming webinar, Create Great Search Experiences with SharePoint 2013, we’re bringing together experts from our Microsoft and Experience Design teams for a meeting of the minds. Matt Morse, a Director within Perficient’s SharePoint practice, and Brian Flanagan, Perficient’s Director of Experience Design, will cover key components for designing and delivering optimal search experiences leveraging Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 platform.
If you’ve already registered for the webinar and want to learn more about these topics, check out our Microsoft Blog. We have numerous blog posts on SharePoint 2013, user experience, and search.

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