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Uncovering the Cost of AOL Federation

For a long time Microsoft has offered the capability of on-premises Live Communications Server, Office Communications Server and Lync Server deployments to federate with AOL for instant messaging.  In order to use AOL federation there were certain basic requirements that had to be met: You must have a functional edge server (including DNS records & […]

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Disabling Edge Server File Transfers in Lync

In the November 2011 Cumulative Update of Lync 2010, Microsoft added the ability to disable file transfers via the edge server.  This feature enhancement undoubtedly was the result of customers voicing concerns about data loss protection and was a welcomed addition to the IT administrator’s arsenal.  In short, the feature allowed administrators to block all […]

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Webinar Replay: Powering Your Contact Center with Microsoft Lync

Last week, Perficient and Clarity teamed up for the webinar, “Maximizing Your Lync Investment in the Contact Center.” Matt McGillen, Director of Infrastructure at Perficient, and Craig Reishus, Director of Business Development at Clarity, showed attendees how they can extend Lync to other business units, easily adding functionality to an existing Lync environment. First, Matt […]

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Lync Support for CryptoAPI:NG Certificates

Simply put, Lync does not support certificates that are issued using the Cryptography API: Next Generation providers.  At the time of this writing, Lync 2010 and Lync 2013 only support certificates that are issued using legacy Cryptography API providers.  To determine if your certificate was issued with CryptoAPI:NG support, use these quick instructions: Using certutil.exe, […]

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Webinar: Maximizing Your Lync Investment in the Contact Center

If you’re considering or have already chosen Lync as your enterprise voice platform, it’s probably safe to say that you want to make the most of your investment. During next week’s webinar, Using Lync to Power Your Contact Center, on Thursday, December 5 at 1 p.m. CST, Perficient and Clarity will team up to discuss […]

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Webinar Replay: Integrating Microsoft Lync with Cisco

On Wednesday, we held a webinar on a popular topic: how to successfully integrate Microsoft Lync with Cisco. During the webinar, Matt McGillen, Director of Infrastructure at Perficient, shared his recommendations and best practices on integrating the two technologies. Many organizations today are struggling to figure out how to make Lync work with their existing […]

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Installing the Lync 2013 Room System Web Portal

Over the weekend Microsoft released a new Lync Room System Administrative Web Portal add-on to Lync Server 2013.  Not much information is publicly available on this yet, but it is a quick install to get it up and running.  Let’s walk through the installation process and have a look at what exactly gets changed “under […]

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Unexpected DNS SRV Error with Lync Server and Exchange Online UM

Configuring Lync Server 2010/2013 for integration with Exchange Online for UM is a relatively straight forward process.  You need a Lync Edge server, federation enabled, proper external DNS SRV records, the appropriate Hosted Voicemail Policy configuration applied to the on-premise Lync environment, and the Exchange Online UM dial plan configured appropriately.  Despite having all that […]

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Do Lync Conference Policies Apply to Distribution Groups?

Generally speaking, Conference Policies within Lync Server exist to control functionalities and features when Lync modalities – such as IM, Audio, Video, App Sharing, etc – involve more than two participants.  There are some Conference Policy settings that do control peer-to-peer functionalities, but we’ll save that discussion for another day.  Any time a Lync modality reaches three […]

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Exchange 2013 Site Mailboxes coexisting with Exchange 2010

With the introduction of Exchange 2013 and SharePoint 2013, a new feature called Site Mailboxes was introduced, which allows for team collaboration to bring documents and emails together in Outlook 2013 and SharePoint 2013.  Recently I’ve been working with a customer who had a specific business need for Site Mailboxes as part of a SharePoint 2013 project […]

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Tennis, Lync, SharePoint; Lessons in Teamwork & Winning Combos

I recently started playing tennis again after a long absence from the game.  My son is just learning how to play and I want to be able to play with him as he gets older. While I played tennis in (high) school in Ireland, I was never a particularly strong individual player – I had […]

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Lync – A Tale of Stretching the Limits of Supportability

This blog post will highlight the infrastructure abilities of Lync when thinking a bit outside of the box on how to design Lync to meet very specific needs.  It’s not that I am condoning deploying Lync outside of supportability, but rather just showing that Lync truly can be flexible. I recently finished up a global deployment […]

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Lync Server – Install-CSDatabase error

With Lync Server 2013, the recommendation is to keep the OS on the C: drive and deploy Lync to a secondary drive running Raid 10.  When you ask for server provisioning with the requested drive layout you’ll receive your server with a second drive such as a D: or E: drive, or whatever your standard build calls for.  […]

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Lync Server 2013 – Annoying LS DATA MCU 41029 Error

Starting with Lync Server 2010 and now with Lync Server 2013, Certificate management was much improved over previous OCS platforms with the ability to itemize certificates across the environment.  More specifically, on the Lync Server Front ends you can now apply up to 3 unique certificates to each server.  A description is provided for each certificate below: […]

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Lync 2013 CU2 SIP Federated Provider Updates

External federation within Lync is one of the most powerful B2X communication mechanisms available on the market – the ability to contact other users, across platforms, across providers, completely through the power and openness of the Internet.  With Lync 2010 and with the RTM release of Lync 2013, the SIP Federated Providers list was pre-populated […]

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Microsoft Lync: Integrating with Cisco Webinar Recap & Replay

Last week, we hosted a webinar on Microsoft Lync, where my colleague Matt McGillen discussed how to integrate Lync with Cisco, or replace it. During the session, Matt, Director of Infrastructure at Perficient, shared best practices and recommendations learned through his firsthand experience integrating with Microsoft UC and Cisco. With many organizations struggling to figure […]

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Important Server 2012 ARR Hotfix for Lync

With Forefront TMG discontinued and Forefront UAG not supported for all Lync scenarios (hint, hint:  mobility), customers will be increasingly looking at deploying ARR to serve as their reverse proxy solution for Lync.  The good news is that ARR is fully capable and supported for the reverse proxy role; the bad news is that ARR is still […]

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Lync 2013 Address Book Blues

Since the days of OCS, there has been a need for an address normalization process so that phone numbers within Active Directory or Outlook contact lists could be normalized into the recommended E.164 format for usage within Office Communicator and Lync.  For most organizations the default rules in Lync are able to handle numbers in […]

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Using Fiddler to troubleshoot Lync Mobile Client

Troubleshooting and reading the logs on the Lync Mobile client is in my opinion, very cumbersome.   I find myself staring at the logs trying to decipher the cryptic messages, reformatting the text in notepad, scrolling to left and right repeatedly,…  well, you get the idea, it simply isn’t any fun.    I was recently challenged with […]

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Webinar on Microsoft Lync: Integrating with (or Replacing) Cisco

If your organization is struggling to make Lync work with your existing investments in legacy Cisco IP telephony, join us for a webinar on Thursday, June 13. The presentation will cover the best ways to leverage Lync in addition to an existing Cisco infrastructure. During the session, Matt McGillen, Director of Infrastructure at Perficient, will […]

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