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SPSS Does Regular Expressions

Well. OK, it does use Python, but you can use Python and regular expressions within IBM SPSS.  Regular expressions allow you to do complex string searches with a minimal amount of coding.  Both IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler do a good job with string manipulation.  However, you often are faced with performing complex string searches […]

IBM Watson Analytics: The Time is Now

In mid-May, at the IBM Vision Conference, IBM announced a deal for a free year of licenses of IBM Watson Analytics for existing Cognos BI and TM1 customers. If you missed that offer, IBM has recently introduced another offer for free licenses: Watson Analytics Professional Edition Up to 60 users 6 months of use Offer […]

Great BI Experiences with IBM Cognos, SPSS and Digital Experience

Pankaj Bose spoke at the IBM Digital Experience 2015 conference about how IBM Cognos, Digital Experience and SPSS can be integrated together for a great Business Intelligence Experience. Typical business challenges include: How to build, run and manage a mobile, cloud and social solution Complexity of great experiences Lack of centralized storage and poor, incompatible […]

Social Network Analysis in Action – Crime Ring Fraud Detection

This is a continuation of our previous discussion on getting started with Social Network Analysis (SNA). So now that we can do some SNA with NodeXL, how do you now go out and catch the bad guys?  Well, remember, SNA is a network of entities.  So let’s take auto insurance fraud for example and show […]

Interview: Reducing Patient Readmissions with IBM Analytics

Predictive Analytics solutions deal with uncovering insights from trends and patterns to determine the impact of operational adjustments and market forces on your organization. Statistical analysis and predictive modeling expand on the findings gained through business intelligence solutions to answer “What will happen?” given certain business situations. Perficient’s IBM Predictive Analytics practice has seen tremendous […]

Using SPSS to Leverage Predictive Analytics

Jim Miller, Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, recently wrote a blog post outlining an example of how to use IBM SPSS to leverage predictive analytics to improve performance in every day business solutions. A technology company has literally participated in thousands of projects over the years. At some point the group decided it wants to […]

Which Modeling Approach Should You Use with SPSS Modeler?

Jim Miller, Senior Solutions Architect at Perficient, recently wrote a blog post explaining the many options when using IBM SPSS Modeler. Coming from a TM1 background (more business than statistics), it is easy to get started with modeling once you determine your modeling objective, and Modeler can help with that. IBM SPSS Modeler offers an intuitive […]

TM1 vs. SPSS Modeler Comparison Continues – Setting to Flags

Consider the scenario where you have to convert information held in a “categorical field” into a “collection of flag fields” – found in a transactional source. For example, suppose you have a file of transactions that includes (among other fields) a customer identifier (“who”) and a product identifier (“what”).  This file of transactional data indicates […]

Data Indiscretions

Data loaded into a TM1 or SPSS model will, in most cases, include files consisting of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of records. It is not reasonable, given the number of fields and records in files of this size, for you to visually inspect all fields in every record (of every file) for missing or […]

Primary Practices for Examining Data

SPSS Data Audit Node       Once data is imported into SPSS Modeler, the next step is to explore the data and to become “thoroughly acquainted” with its characteristics. Most (if not all) data will contain problems or errors such as missing information and/or invalid values. Before any real work can be done using […]

Data Consumption – Cognos TM1 vs. SPSS Modeler

In TM1, you may be used to “integer or string”, in SPSS Modeler, data gets much more interesting. In fact, you will need to be familiar with a concept known as “Field Measurement Level” and the practice of “Data Instantiation”. In TM1, data is transformed by aggregation, multiplication or division, concatenation or translation, and so […]

Performance Testing TM1Web Applications with HP LoadRunner

If you’ve ever attempted to perform a performance test on a TM1 application, you know that there is not really an effective way to manually create sufficient load on a model. Getting “real users” to execute application operations – over and over again – is nearly impossible. Thankfully, an automated testing product can solve for […]

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