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Submit Action to Save Contacts in List Manager with Fields Mapping Part 2 Create Submit Action

This article is the third post on creating a Submit Action to save Contacts into the List Manager in Sitecore. In the previous post, we developed the SPEAK editor layout for the custom Submit Action in the Core database for Submit Action to have Field mapping ability. In this part, we will construct a class to save […]

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Submit Action to Save Contacts in List Manager with Fields Mapping Part 1 Create SPEAK Editor

This article is the second post in the series on creating a submit action to save contacts into the list manager in Sitecore. In the previous post, we saw a basic implementation without the ability to map form fields with the custom-created submit action. It only offered the option of configuring the Contact List via […]

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Troubleshooting Sitecore 9 Analytics and Forms

Leveraging the power of Sitecore Forms and Analytics can be the key to delivering a site that provides an awesome customer experience. Marijana helps you troubleshoot some common hiccups, and gets you on your way!

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Create Content Pages From Launchpad in Sitecore 8

Custom Launchpad buttons and Experience Editor Ribbon Buttons save time for content authors and improve their experience especially when editing long and complex pages. Launchpad buttons allow them to focus only on those page types they are allowed to create or edit. Ribbon buttons and dialogues give them options to edit fields without going back to launchpad.

SPEAK Up! The Anatomy of a Sitecore SPEAK Application

In my introduction to Sitecore’s SPEAK framework, I mentioned that SPEAK applications should always be built from a branch template provided by Sitecore. While it is possible to write a SPEAK page from scratch, there are many moving pieces to consider. Because all SPEAK applications require certain components to function (JS libraries, CSS, a Sitecore layout, etc.), this article […]

SPEAK Up! Building Applications for the Sitecore Backend

What is SPEAK? Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit is a set of standard tools that allow developers to build custom applications for Sitecore users inside the familiar Sitecore backend. SPEAK attempts to provide most of the tools a developer needs to build quickly and efficiently. SPEAK follows a convention-over-configuration paradigm, bringing together common JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Sitecore […]

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8.1 Experience Editor JavaScript APIs

[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]There are parts of Sitecore APIs that are well understood, widely used, and probably won’t change without a really good reason. And then there are relatively new APIs – some introduced along with new product features (e.g. xDB in 7.5, Content Testing in 8.0) and others added to support the shift in the underlying […]

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Experience Editor: Commands, Pipelines, Requests

The SCORE team is busy working on v1.5 and the main theme for this release is Sitecore 8. Last week I was enabling (SPEAK-ifying) our Page Editor ribbon extensions and this post is a collection of thoughts and tips that I gathered along the way. Moving Parts [su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]There’s a lot of moving parts and […]

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Sitecore 8: Ribbon Button Transfiguration

Page Editor Ribbon Button In the old days of Sitecore 6.x and 7.x you might have extended the Content Editor and Page Editor ribbons to give your content editors and marketers an easy access to a great customization of yours. Maybe you built a dialog to expose page metadata. Maybe you built a copy language […]