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Getting started with Yammer is absolutely the single most important step you can take with social - Juliet Wei

SPC14: Microsoft’s Roadmap for Enterprise Social

Juliet Wei and Christopher Fiessinger, Microsoft Product Managers gave us a look into where Enterprise Social is headed.   Given the many questions on deeper integration between SharePoint and Yammer plus hoped for enhancements made this a packed session, even if it was the end of the day. They put the agenda as: Work like […]

SPC 2014: Tipping Point On-premise and Cloud

Rob Lamear, presented on the pros and cons of on-premise vs cloud.  Rather than give a one size fits all answer, he started with a series of questions and points to consider.  His first question was  on who is still running on premise: Most of the audience raised their hands.  Gartner says however that 2016 […]

30% of all IT spending will be in the cloud by 2020

SPC Keynote: For IT Pros

This is going to be a hard hitting session with lots of stats and lots of new features delivered rapid fire.  Hence my heavy use of bullets. 30% of all IT spending will be in the cloud by 2020.  It’s IT as a service.  Keep in mind, SharePoint is one product but there are many […]

A Microsoft partnership is about trust, control & cloud onramp

SharePoint Conference 2014 Keynote: Working With IT Professionals

Micorosft wants to partner with you.  It’s about trust, control, and the cloud onramp. Platform changes Deliver rock solid platform whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud Will do a 2015 release of SharePoint and Exchange But Cloud remains a key focus Stats 250K responses per second 400K cores 400 Petabytes of storage 20% growth […]

3.4 millions developers build solutions around SharePoint

SharePoint 2014 Keynote: Building Amazing Solutions

Quote: Norwegian write code like they win medals…………. More per person than any other country in the world.  But first some stats: 3.4 million developers build solutions around SharePoint Microsoft has two key missions in the developer community Give organizations maximum agility to meet business needs Give partners the biggest opportunity Contextual applications When building […]

SharePoint 2014: Transforming Your Work

SharePoint 2014: Transforming Your Work

Transforming work is a key theme at the conference and they spent time developing it.. The little things add up. By small means great things come to pass. Four trends that change the way people get things done. Cloud Social Mobile Big Data Microsoft has four core beliefs Future of work is about working Same […]

SPC12: Overview of SkyDrive Pro

I’ve been very interested in SkyDrive because of it’s obvious overlap with Dropbox.  We’ve even blogged about Dropbox and similar tools here, here,  and here.  The bottom line is that if all you want to do is share a file, then a web interface just won’t work.  Instead, you want to sync your files across […]

Why we need the SPC in Scrum project team

Measurement is difficult to carry out in the agile engineering and management process.  However, in practical activities, developers have been trying to use measurement to manage and monitor their own projects. Measurement of software features helps developers to understand the software requirements consistently and completely, to know the actual quality extent and to make sure […]