SharePoint 2014 Keynote: Building Amazing Solutions

3.4 millions developers build solutions around SharePoint

Quote: Norwegian write code like they win medals…………. More per person than any other country in the world.  But first some stats:
3.4 million developers build solutions around SharePoint
3.4 million developers build solutions around SharePointMicrosoft has two key missions in the developer community

  1. Give organizations maximum agility to meet business needs
  2. Give partners the biggest opportunity
Contextual applications

When building contextual apps, they want to deliver something great.

  • We give a great experience
  • Built with robust api’s so it’s just a service and you control the UI
    • Announcing a new open source sdk for android
    • Can see it on Github
    • Will continue to increase and improve the api’s
    • Third parties will have inter-operable services to make it possible for composite apps
    • Will support custom designed services
      • Could be on Azure using their storage, db, and other services
      • Flexible tools
        • Want to support configuration and 1 million lines of code apps
        • Will focus on this week of Access as part of Office 365
          • Easiest way to build a cloud based application
  • Professional developer
    • Intend to add Java, C, Ruby, etc.
    • Taking Visual studio to the next level with new debugging support, etc.
  • Demo by Arpan Shah of the improved development tools
    • Instead of code on stage, wanted to take a solution and extend it.
    • Started with a custom list with custom workflow
    • Want to make it a lot more contextual
    • Go to outlook, see email from “Bill” to launch a new developer campaign
    • Compose apps let you select an application in Outlook
      • Just html5 integration via Office 365 services
      • Integrates the list and even the people
        • Even lets you see who is out of office
        • Can upload a document to the list in Outlook
        • Submit makes a call to SharePoint to kick off a process
        • Showed the alert on the windows phone
          • The app was built in windows phone using the REST api’s
        • Then showed a notification in an Android tablet
          • Launched a custom android app using the new SDK
        • API’s let you now provision a SharePoint site

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