SharePoint Conference 2014 Keynote: Working With IT Professionals

A Microsoft partnership is about trust, control & cloud onramp

Micorosft wants to partner with you.  It’s about trust, control, and the cloud onramp.
Platform changes

  • A Microsoft partnership is about trust, control & cloud onrampDeliver rock solid platform whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud
    • Will do a 2015 release of SharePoint and Exchange
    • But Cloud remains a key focus
    • Stats
      • 250K responses per second
      • 400K cores
      • 400 Petabytes of storage
        • 20% growth in one month
  • Deploying new features online every single week around the world
    • Last quarter, did the release process with 99.98% availability
    • Investment in security, privacy, and compliance
      • Will have 1 TB site collections using the storage service (based on Azure)
      • In the tenancy, infinite scale (to lots of applause)
      • Stress that this is your data.  Don’t use it for any other service
      • Working on HIPPA, ISSO, FiSMA, etc.  Want to support these standards so all can move to the cloud as a trusted platform
      • Updated rights management
      • Released multi-factor authentication
      • Increased reporting and compliance portal
      • Cloud first then on premise
      • Demo by Michal Gideoni
        • Compliance
          • New unified compliance center
          • For SharePoint, Exchange, and Lync
          • Let’s you do eDiscovery with custom queries.
            • Setup search
            • Refine it
            • Search it in place
            • Real time results
      • Once found, you can act on docs, etc.
      • Can also see who viewed the items that come up as part of the eDiscovery search
        • For example, see that only HR viewed passport numbers
      • Can configure audit settings
  • Recent update to IT controls
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Another layer of security
    • Can use admin center via configuration
      • Turn it on for all or selected set of users
      • Works with user in Office 365 and for federated identities

Cloud on ramp

  • Latest Service Pack 1 for on Premise has hybrid cloud options to push to just Yammer or just One Drive
  • New One Drive for Business stand-alone offer
    • Get hybrid configuration if you want
    • Rich document sync
    • Office is built in on Windows, ipad, etc
    • 25G for each user in the organization. Great value

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