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6 Trends Impacting Email Marketing This Year (And Beyond)

Hi FIRST NAME, It’s like nails on a chalkboard…broken personalization. However, personalization and contextually relevant messages will continue to be a highlighted email marketing trend this year. With new technology paving the way, we will likely see more trends emerge as the customer journey evolves and ISPs get smarter. Whatever does happen this year, it will hit […]

CSS Frameworks – Does Your Client Need One?

Many a times, when I start a new project, often the client gets excited when the word ‘bootstrap’ or ‘foundation’ comes around during the inception phase. They want to know more and get excited. They hope that their site would look great if is it built with a framework and typically look towards the UX […]

So…You need a new website.

by David Hess Allow me to cut to the chase. You know you need a new website and do not need me to explain why. Your business stakeholders, your IT team, and that nagging voice in your head remind you on a daily basis that your site lacks speed, functionality, and no longer drives the […]

SPC 2014: SharePoint for Any Screen Size, a Responsive Approach

Eric Overfield (@ericoverfield) and Rita Zhang gave an informative session. It was chock full of examples and example code.  I couldn’t grab the code examples but a lot of the best practices and screenshots from live sites I was able to grab.  They started with the three pillars of Responsive Design: Fluid Grid Must use a […]

One Web Design: The Designer’s Dilemma

One web, under the internet, flexible enough to deliver content for us all. Sounds great, but in two years we’re all going to have the same site. One web. That’s where we live now. It’s obvious, but I can’t say I’m ecstatic about the design implications. On the one hand, for the vast majority of […]

Mobile Prototyping Has Never Been Easier

Prototyping is by far my favorite activity to perform as a UX Designer, followed up naturally with user research. Prototyping is a natural problem solving technique that allows you to quickly create a vision of the solution, or multiple solutions, for a design problem and share that vision with others. In most cases, it’s cheap […]