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Examining (Data) Relationships

The discovering of relationships within data (between fields) is an important part of any data mining project (in the Crisp-DM methodology, this is described as part of the “Data Understanding” stage). This “relationship discovery” is part of developing a predictive model but is also helpful in answering specific business questions -perhaps even what originally motivated […]

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All about CLEM

SPSS CLEM is the control Language for Expression Manipulation, which is used to build expressions within SPSS Modeler streams. CLEM is actually used in a number of SPSS “nodes” (among these are the Select and Derive nodes) and you can check the product documentation to see the extended list. CLEM expressions are constructed from: Values, […]

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Sampling Your Data

Another interesting feature of SPSS Modeler is its built-in ability to sample data. It is pretty typical to have (in one or more files) hundreds of thousands of records to process, and using complete sets of data during testing can take a huge amount of your time and is inefficient in terms of computer processing […]

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TM1 vs. SPSS Modeler Comparison Continues – Setting to Flags

Consider the scenario where you have to convert information held in a “categorical field” into a “collection of flag fields” – found in a transactional source. For example, suppose you have a file of transactions that includes (among other fields) a customer identifier (“who”) and a product identifier (“what”).  This file of transactional data indicates […]

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Data Consumption – Cognos TM1 vs. SPSS Modeler

In TM1, you may be used to “integer or string”, in SPSS Modeler, data gets much more interesting. In fact, you will need to be familiar with a concept known as “Field Measurement Level” and the practice of “Data Instantiation”. In TM1, data is transformed by aggregation, multiplication or division, concatenation or translation, and so […]

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IBM Information on Demand 2013: Business Analytics Forum Review

Simply put, IBM IOD 2013 was a flood of information with a little added Fun. Perficient also came away with the Worldwide Performance Management Business Partner Excellence Award and the Enterprise Content Management Achievement Award. See details here As a member of the Business Analytics practice at Perficient, I narrowed my focus to the Business Analytics Forum, […]

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What is a Center of Excellence? – White Paper

If you have been reading any of my earlier posts, you’ll know that I am always happy to evangelize the concept of a practice or organization “Center of Excellence” – or “CoE”. I believe that the establishment of and commitment to a practice CoE shows that an organization is committed to continuous improvement and ultimately, […]

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Looking forward to Information On Demand 2011

Eric Sall, VP of Product Marketing for Information Management at IBM, recently did a video interview with one of my favorite podcasters, Scott Laningham (@scottlaningham) of IBM’s DeveloperWorks podcast series. They discussed the Information On Demand conference, at which Perficient will be exhibiting and speaking October 23-27. This year’s theme: “Turning Insight Into Action” – focus on […]

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