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Smart Contracts Management: A Special Case for Business Rules Management?

Given the immutable nature of the Smart Contracts (as well as the transactions) in a Blockchain, and the impact a (buggy) Smart Contract can have across a business network (as highlighted by The DAO Attack), Smart Contracts require extra due diligence. Having worked with Business Rules Management Systems (especially IBM Operational Decision Manager/ILOG) for the […]

IBM Interviews Perficient for 2016 Beacon Award Win

John Wood, Program Director of IBM PartnerWorld Digital Content, chats with Perficient’s Vishal Rajpal at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference. John and Vishal discuss Perficient’s second consecutive Beacon Award, our Immersion solution, and the value of customers in helping develop technology that enables the adoption of cloud.

Perficient Named 2016 IBM Beacon Award Winner for Cloud

We’re excited to announce that Perficient won the 2016 IBM Beacon Award for Outstanding Enterprise Cloud Solution. Each year, this top honor is awarded to a few elite IBM Business Partners who have delivered exceptional solutions that drive business value and digitally transform the way clients and industries do business. The 2016 awards recognize achievements across […]

IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.1 Announced

A couple of weeks ago IBM announced the release of IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.1. The latest release delivers further enhancements for business user experience in Decision Center and Decision Server Rules, enhance platform operations for Decision Server Insights, and enhanced performance. The planned availability date for IBM ODM V8.7.1 is May 15, 2015. Decision […]

Coming soon to a BPM Near You

On Wednesday at IBM InterConnect, Paul Pacholski and Dennis Parrott from IBM, spoke to us about some of the features and functionality that will be part of Business Process Manager v8.5.6 & Business Monitor being released on March 13, 2015. Increasingly towards a unified desktop and mobile experience, BPM 8.5.6 will further lessen the gap […]

InterConnect – 3 Steps to Reinvent Your Business Process

We live in a world today of instant gratification.  The now is too late and those who can’t adapt quickly to these changes in their markets suffer.  Businesses need to adopt methodologies and technology that can help get their product to market effectively and is flexible enough to withstand the changes within the industry.  Reinventing […]

Integrating Datapower XI 52 with Operational Decision Manager

In recent times, the need to follow government regulations and identify fraud to avoid financial loss as become more prominent. This forced companies in financial and health care domains to implement stricter business processes. The need to adapt and build better business process requires to use Business Rules Management System (BRMS) which will allow to […]

Perficient Goes Platinum at IBM InterConnect

Three extraordinary IBM conferences—Pulse, Impact, and Innovate—have joined together to deliver one of the most comprehensive software events ever as IBM InterConnect 2015 on February 22 – 26 in Las Vegas, and Perficient is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor. My feet already hurt thinking about navigating through this monumental event, but the flip flops […]

DataPower’s handling of RESTful services via JSON

In the IBM DataPower world, JSON is the representational format used by the RESTful façade exposed by the appliance. Starting with firmware version 3.8, there has been a gradual increase in the number of ways that JSON payload is handled. DataPower services that will handle and process JSON messages include: Multi-Protocol Gateway (MPGW) XML Firewall Web […]

IBM BPM 8 – Unable to search for groups in a large AD repository

The Situation: IBM BPM has been successfully installed and is up and running! Also you have successfully added your active directory(s) to your federated repositories and are able to find users and groups in the WAS console. Continuing with the good news you have also successfully found users in IBM BPM ProcessAdmin and ProcessCenter consoles, […]

Topic Publish – Subscribe Using IBM Integration Designer 8.5

Introduction: Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) is a XML-based language used to define enterprise business processes within Web services. BPEL extends the Web services interaction model and enables it to support business transactions. BPEL can be developed to perform multiple activities such as invoking a web service, publishing a message to topic, subscribe for messages […]

5 Tips to Adopting BPM Methodology

BPM Methodology and Principles: The BPM Methodology is an iterative framework used to effectively analyze and re-design a business process with the goal of constant process improvement. The methodology’s key objective is to foster communication between business and IT in order to establish an optimal business process. Here are 5 tips to ensure that your […]

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