IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.1 Announced

A couple of weeks ago IBM announced the release of IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.7.1. The latest release delivers further enhancements for business user experience in Decision Center and Decision Server Rules, enhance platform operations for Decision Server Insights, and enhanced performance. The planned availability date for IBM ODM V8.7.1 is May 15, 2015.

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Decision Center and Decision Server Rules now includes simpler deployment operations with the inclusion of Java Execution Object Model (XOM) management from Decision Center for decision services. Java XOMs can be managed in Decision Center as decision center resources. This enhancement will result in the capability to build a complete Rule Designer workspace from Decision Center. Governance is made easier with the ability to create and reuse simulations from within validation activities in Decision Governance Framework. Other highlights in Decision Center include a definition file to declare custom roles and groups, and LDAP connections for dynamic management for custom roles. This translates to no longer needing to repackage the Teamserver EAR and redeploy the application in order to map the user roles. Finally, the user experience is improved in the Business Console with a better layout for test reports and easier navigation as a result of a redesign to the breadcrumb bar.

Additionally, the IBM Operation Decision Manager Advanced Edition supports new capabilities for Decision Server Insights. This includes easier testing with the ability to define and run test scenarios without programing. The Insight Inspector interface usability has been enhanced with the capabilities to include the list of rules fired on an event. It is now also easier to deploy from Insight Designer. Decision Server Insight now has support for local languages to define business rules. In IBM ODM 8.7.1, memory usage and CPU resource consumption has been improved as a result of performance tuning on the database persistence.

See the announcement for more information.

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