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5 Tips to Adopting BPM Methodology

BPM Methodology and Principles:

The BPM Methodology is an iterative framework used to effectively analyze and re-design a business process with the goal of constant process improvement. The methodology’s key objective is to foster communication between business and IT in order to establish an optimal business process. Here are 5 tips to ensure that your business partners properly adopt the BPM methodology to improve their business operations.

1. Sell! Sell! Sell!

Every opportunity you get with your business partners will be an opportunity to sell the benefits of adopting the BPM methodology. A client new to the principles of the BPM methodology might find the ideas foreign and might possibly show some initial resistance. It is important to educate and demonstrate how accepting these principles will positively impact not only business/technology operations, but also the corporate culture. Embracing a philosophy of change enables your business partners to avoid common pitfalls that lead to failed BPM projects and ultimately poor BPM adoption.

Each checkpoint during the project lifecycle should address specific business problems. You should demonstrate how the methodology’s effectiveness enabled a resolution. It is essential to illustrate to your business partners how the BPM methodology has and will continue to strengthen corporate initiatives such as product quality, customer satisfaction, and communication between business and IT.

2. Find a Champion.

The subject of change is always a tricky one. As mentioned earlier, you might receive some resistance to adopting this methodology. You will find it easier to get buy-in from your business partners if someone within the corporate structure supports you. It is essential to have a counterpart who can also promote the benefits of the methodology. Your champion does not necessarily have to be someone at the top of the food chain in the corporate structure, but it should be someone who has some influence with the other project participants.

3. Avoid Old Habits.

You will likely run into issues and roadblocks during your implementation process. When these situations arise, it is critical to continually use the principles of the BPM methodology to reach a resolution. Your business partners might find it prudent to use other techniques used in past projects to overcome these roadblocks. Stay the course!

4. Use the Right Tools.

To ensure the successful implementation of your BPM project, it is vital to use the right tools to support your project. From a project management standpoint, the iterative approach to the BPM methodology will not be compatible with the tools used for a waterfall project. Using tools that can handle an iterative project cycle will help clients better understand deliverable and will put their expectation in perspective.

5. Be Patient.

During the process, you will undoubtedly be challenged. Whether it’s resistance from business partners, impending deadlines, or scope of your deliverables, you must remain patient and focused on your implementation methodology.

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