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SAP HANA and Hadoop – complementary or competitive?

In my last blog post, we learned about SAP HANA… or as I called it, “a database on steroids”. Here is what SAP former CTO and Executive Board Member, Vishal Sikka, told InformationWeek: “Hana is a full, ACID-compliant database, and not just a cache or accelerator. All the operations happen in memory, but every transaction […]

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Data Warehouse Role in Big Data

Last year the Data Warehouse was on the endangered species list.   A number of Hive solutions were being marketed as the Data Warehouse killers. However, this message has been muted this year and is evidenced by some developing trends. First, all of the mega-vendors have announced technologies to access data in Hadoop.   Oracle and IBM […]

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Yarn – The Big Data Accelerator

Yarn….. Yes, Hadoop may be changing everything, but when Yarn was released, the change pedal has been pushed aggressively to the floor. Putting the technical details aside, the bottom-line is that now multiple concurrent workloads can be executed and managed on Hadoop clusters. This “pluggable” service layer has separated the data processing and cluster resource […]

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Making Big Data Real

Update from the Hadoop Summit: Its only part way through day one and there is an un-mistakable theme: Interactive SQL on top of Hadoop is here, and in a big way.   Stinger, Impala, and a number of other niche providers are not promising, but delivering on interactive SQL.   Benchmarks, case studies of production clients, hands […]

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Three Big Data Best Practices

One of the benefits of the Hadoop is its ability to be configured to address a number of diverse business challenges and integrated into a variety of different enterprise information ecosystems.  With proper planning these analytical big data systems have shown to be valuable assets for companies.  However, without significant attention to data architecture best […]

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Strengthen Company Culture with Yammer enhanced by HDInsight

In a world of broadband internet connections, online collaboration tools and the ability to work from almost anywhere – office culture can be difficult to sustain.  This especially holds true for people who live in large cities (where the commute can be problematic) or in harsh climates (like the never ending winter in Chicago this […]

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Setting up a Recommendation Engine (Mahout) on Windows Azure

A Brief Background In my previous posts I have walked through setting up Hadoop on Windows Azure using HDInsight.  Hadoop is an extremely powerful distributed computing platform with the ability to process terabytes of data.  Many of the situations when you hear the term “Big Data”, Hadoop is the enabler.  One of the complications with […]

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How to: Setting up an HDInsight Hadoop cluster in Windows Azure

Edit: Part 3 using Mahout here In my previous post I described the basics of HDInsight on Windows Azure and an example of what a Hadoop cluster can do for you. Without further delay, lets build a cluster!  If you don’t already have a Windows Azure account go here and sign up (it’s free!!) Setup […]

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Windows Azure and the future of the personalized web : Intro

Edit: Part 2 (setup) : Part 3 (Mahout) The internet is becoming increasingly personalized.  It has transitioned from indexing massive wells of information to delivering personalized information, or recommendations based on complex searches.  Evidence of this is seen in Google’s Knowledge graph, Amazon, the Bing engine, Facebook friends and twitter recommending people you may be interesting in […]

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Microsoft PDW Blog Series – Part 1

Introduction If you follow the SQL Server community at all, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around PDW (Parallel Data Warehouse).  This is the first in a series of blogs I am going to be writing about PDW.  In this series, I am going to cover everything from PDW nuts and bolts to how […]

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Technology Confusion

While returning from a client presentation and reflecting on the meeting conversations I was struck by a similarity that seems to be creeping into the minds of our clients. While discussing our approach to performing a strategy assessment for this new client we were reviewing an example architectural diagram and a question was raised. One […]

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Will EDW Vanish Because of Hadoop?

Nowadays when people talk about IT technology and trend, there was overwhelming world of big data as we entering the new technology era. I know that big data has been promoted to national strategy in many countries. A few days ago I found an interesting debate whether the traditional data warehouse will be replaced by […]

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Information Management Architecture – Part 2

This post is a continuation to my previous post on changes to the Information Architecture in recent times with the advances in Big Data management. This post discusses the 2 common approaches to implementing Big Data in organizations which accommodate Big Data in existing Information Management framework. The two approaches are Knowledge pooling and Knowledge […]

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Making Big Data Architecture Decisions

As with any IT initiative, it is very important for an organization to align business and technology needs when choosing to invest in data analytics and big data processing.  We are seeing an increase in big data use cases in financial services around customer data to explore new markets, enable product development, enhance cross-sell capabilities, […]

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Big Data Adoption Resources for Financial Institutions

Competition continues in the industry creating the need for transformational business strategies and technology to improve profitability for banks and financial institutions. As mentioned in our top technology trends post, Big data is widely talked about in banking as a catalyst for change.  However, banks have only scratched the surface of using smarter analytics. As a technology service provider […]

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Big Data Trends

Introduction My first blog in nearly 2 years with Perficient. I have been watching this space for a while and have been wondering for some time about potentials topics to blog. I have decided to initially focus my blogs on some interesting Business Analytics technologies which are discussed infrequently. ( Data mining, Predictive Analytics, Text […]

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Bing, Klout, SQL, Hadoop and the Power of Social: Real Time Collaboration!

I’m always fascinated by the power of Social to connect people and information quickly. I’m also intrigued by the sense of community that can be driven by social collaboration, and how that community can drive crowd-sourced content curation. Here’s an example of that community collaboration at work.  ZDNet‘s MaryJo Foley published a post yesterday on […]

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A Silver Bullet for Big Data: Hadoop Family

In previous post I talked over basic concepts, business values, some situation and facts of big data application. Actually in current IT world, the big data related technologies and products were being developed and practiced dramatically. There will be a pretty long list in which how many companies and organizations have been involved in this […]

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Big Data and Social Business

Leon Katsnelson gave a presentation on Big Data and Social Business. His general theme is that we are seeing a LOT of data. This huge volume can fundamentally change how we addressthe business. In todays transactions we want more information on it What was the transaction? Who bought the widget? Where did they get the […]

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