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13 Facts To Celebrate Genentech’s 40th Birthday

I came across an article that celebrated Genentech’s 40 years in business with a few fun facts and stories about the biotechnology pioneer: Founded on April 7, 1976 The name Genentech stems from GENetic ENgineering TECHnology The company was founded with a $1,000 investment in 1976 by Robert Swanson, a venture capitalist, and Herbert Boyer, […]

30 Examples Of “Going Digital” In Life Sciences

  In my tenure here at Perficient, I’ve contributed to a number of guides for the life sciences industry. Each one has been informative and useful, but I can’t remember ever being as excited about any of them as I am about the newest one: Life Sciences is Going Digital. 

Google Life Sciences Is Now Verily

  Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is getting even more serious in our industry. Earlier this week, the company introduced its life sciences organization as Verily. It was previous known as Google Life Sciences. According to STAT, the new company name means “truly” or “certainly,” referencing Verily’s CEO and former chief scientific officer of LabCorp Andy […]

Genentech: First In IT And Precision Medicine

Reading a recent LinkedIn Pulse post from Genentech’s VP of IT Americas, Cindy Elkins, made me smile. She said so many good things. Cindy discussed the IT landscape at the company, arguably the most famous biotech (ever!), and how the IT organization impacts employees and patients on many different levels.