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Genentech: First In IT And Precision Medicine


Reading a recent LinkedIn Pulse post from Genentech’s VP of IT Americas, Cindy Elkins, made me smile. She said so many good things. Cindy discussed the IT landscape at the company, arguably the most famous biotech (ever!), and how the IT organization impacts employees and patients on many different levels. 

But this is what she said that summed everything up nicely.

“As IT professionals, our “spot on the field” is to bring the right technologies, innovation, end-user experience, and people so everyone in the company can focus on their jobs and know that they have the best technology solutions and support to do their best work, every day.”

It’s so true, and I’ve said it many times before. Life sciences companies are in the business of developing drugs and devices, all the while providing the best possible care to their patients. They shouldn’t have to spend precious resources on hassling with technology. It’s wasteful.

Genentech gets it. They’re a leader when it comes to digital transformation. Cindy proudly shared “firsts” when it comes to IT at her company:

  • First in biotech to offer a choice of PC or Mac
  • First to roll out iPhones
  • First to implement
  • First to implement with an iPhone mobile app
  • First to create our own internal AppStore
  • First to offer signature capture on the iPhone
  • First biotech and large global company to roll out Google Apps (mail, calendar, drive, hangouts) to 80,000 users worldwide

If that’s not enough, I’ll add another one to the list. Genentech recently ranked #1 in the first-ever ranking of companies with strong precision medicine programs.

You can read Cindy’s full post here.

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